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From The Terraces To The Streets Puma Presents The Madchester Collection

Puma Madchester Collection 4

PUMA has unveiled the eclectic Madchester collection inspired by the generation-defining indie-dance scene that put Manchester on the map and took the world by storm.

The Madchester collection includes a custom MCFC x MDCR Graphic Jersey, MCFC x MDCR Graphic and Logo Tees, as well as MCFC x MDCR Crews, Hoodies, Jacket, Shorts and Pants.

Made in Madchester, from the terraces to the dance floors, from basement raves to guitar riffs and bucket hats, the new Manchester City x PUMA collection pays tribute to the late 80s early 90s Manchester music scene that remains iconic to this day.

As much as it does today, the city’s thriving music scene served as an inclusive melting pot that attracted followers from far and wide. 

A 24-hour party, celebrating what makes Manchester the greatest city on the planet – the people that embrace it.

The Madchester collection is available now at, and JD Sports.