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Puma Named Top Employer 2022 In 16 Countries

Top Employer

The Top Employer certification highlights PUMA’s engagement to provide an attractive workplace for its employees.

“Putting our employees, their needs, and goals first has always been our top priority,” says Dietmar Knoess, Global Director of People and Organization at PUMA.

“The pandemic is challenging for all of us. However, we will always strive to become better, so we can continue providing a workplace environment that our employees can thrive in.”

The Top Employers Institute certifies companies based on their information in the Human Resources Best Practices survey, which includes six overarching dimensions and 20 areas. 

This includes talent strategy, personnel planning, onboarding, training & development, performance management, executive development, compensation & benefits and corporate culture among others.

The Institute highlighted PUMA’s policies committing to social and environmental performance, the alignment of HR practices with sustainability principles and the incentivization of PUMA’s employees to support environmental goals.

The design of PUMA’s workspaces and the ability of employees to manage their work hours and location were also mentioned as important criteria which made the company a Top Employer.