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PUMA x Porsche Celebrate The Fusion Of Vintage Racing Culture And Street Style In An Exclusive Size? Partnership

puma x porsche sneakers

Iconic German brands, PUMA and Porsche have joined forces to bring us a legendary collaboration celebrating their connection, while paying homage to Porsche’s vintage racing culture.

The two partners seamlessly merge their heritage with an authentic street style collection across footwear and apparel, available only on size?.

Taking centre stage in this collaboration, the classic Super Team style is available in two colourways, Green and Brown, in a nod to Great Britain’s auto racing colours.

The PUMA X Porsche Super Team collection in Brown is reminiscent of vintage leather gloves and the timeless sophistication of classic Porsche car interiors.

Both colourways feature a unique touch of the PUMA and Porsche headquarter GPS coordinates hidden under the Super team tab, which showcase the connection between the German brands.

Beyond the beloved classic Super Team footwear, the collaboration introduces a line of unique apparel inspired by classic Porsche racing, with graphics similar to the iconic Porsche near-series 911 car, used in the Monte Carlo Rally, including a clever touch with Porsche’s logo in the form of a car speedometer.

The logo contains map diagrams of both Porsche and PUMA HQs, showcasing the closeness between the two German powerhouse brands from Herzogenaurach to Stuttgart.

Prices starting at RRP £40 for the apparel & £100 for footwear, the PUMA X Porsche collection will be available to buy on October 27 at