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National Mental Health Helpline Launched As Police Report Increase In Mental Health Incidents


Mental health treatment specialists Smart TMS have launched a free mental health helpline to provide support for those struggling with mental health concerns brought about by Covid-19.

The helpline has been launched amidst police reports that mental health incidents and attempted suicides have already increased since the introduction of the lockdown in the UK, showcasing the damaging effects of long-term social distancing policies and anxiety brought about by the virus on the nation’s mental wellbeing.

Smart TMS’ helpline also provides an alternative to oversubscribed NHS talking therapies – this comes as the mental health charity Mind reports that the waiting list for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other talking therapies on the NHS is typically several weeks, with over half of patients waiting up to 3 months to access support and one in 10 waiting for over a year.

The helpline is a completely free service and provides callers with an opportunity to book a 30-minute appointment with a Smart TMS practitioner, to receive support and advice on how to manage their anxieties and any exacerbation of existing mental health concerns as a result of the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. The first hour of the helpline’s opening hours will represent a priority hour for NHS workers whose mental health has been impacted whilst working to stem the virus outbreak.

As experts in mental health, Smart TMS’ qualified practitioners are offering additional support for those suffering from increased anxiety or worsening mental health due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Smart TMS Mental Health Support Helpline

UK: +44 (0) 20 3855 4578

Ireland: +353 1 592 3560

Lines open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm


“This is a wonderful support service with fully-trained mental health workers who offer up to 30 mins of time over the phone for you to talk and then up to x5 sessions, weekly or fortnightly as a follow-up service to check how you’re doing… this is highly recommended for those who are struggling, as iTalk and other NHS talking therapies can have such long waiting times.

This is just a FANTASTIC SERVICE that Smart TMS are offering so THANK YOU” – Claire Crook, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Gerard Barnes, CEO of Smart TMS, discusses the launch of the mental health support helpline:

“We are proud to offer free mental health support to people across the country whose mental health has been adversely affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and are committed to helping the country cope with the fallout brought about by Coronavirus.

There has been a great deal of speculation around the long-term mental health impact of Coronavirus, and given that the country-wide lockdown and isolation policies may last for several months, it is vital that we at Smart TMS and the wider mental health community begin to act now by providing added support and resources to those most in need during this unprecedented and uncertain time. The importance of mental health support at the current time cannot be overstated, especially given early police reports of increased mental health incidents already.

The NHS has also been under immense pressure and this will only increase as we move towards the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak. That is why we are looking to offer other avenues of mental health support, and also to provide an hour of priority support to NHS workers who may be struggling themselves with the mental wellbeing implications of Coronavirus.

Smart TMS’ recent research revealed that 20% of people in the UK were in the worst financial position of their lives and experienced considerable mental health challenges as a result, whilst 36% of Brits say that their mental health has continued to decline unchecked for many years.

With the added impact of Coronavirus on the nation, these statistics are undoubtedly set to increase. At Smart TMS, we are dedicated to providing vital mental health support and advice to people unable to access the support they need and deserve.”