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7 Things You’ll Only Know If You Play Netball As An Adult

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If you already regularly play netball, we don’t need to tell you it’s one of the best games on the planet.

From the glittering highs to the crushing lows, everyone who plays will be able to relate to these…

1. It’s a lot more challenging than it looks

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Yeah Barry’s Bootcamp is hard, but have you ever played a full game of netball?

Whether it’s the sprints down the 30m court, the endless squats you need to do to catch a throw, or the chest-to-chest passes that can set your upper body on fire, you’re often left a sweaty mess after 10 minutes of play.

2. You’re super competitive

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The netball team started as a bit of fun between you and some local friends; a way to keep fit while doing something social – but it’s soon snowballed into one of the most important parts of your life.

You’ve got a WhatsApp group where you endlessly discuss tactics, you refuse to go for a pre-pint on game day, and when real life responsibilities get in the way of training, you’re left absolutely fuming.

3. Nothing feels better than intercepting a pass

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You’d like to say your wedding or the birth of your child was the most euphoric moment in your life, but there are few greater joys than stealing the ball off an opposing team.

It’s probably on a par with that amazing feeling you get when the whistle blows and you know you’ve won the game back in the final few minutes of play.

4. Having long nails is a thing of the past

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Long, painted talons might look great, but they stand absolutely no chance in a netball match. After a few rough passes, you’ll be sporting more chips than you can count.

Yep, you’ve resigned yourself to a life of short, natural fingernails during netball season. Sigh.

5. You’re always freezing in the first five minutes of the match

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The bib and pleated skirt combo might be fine if you live in warmer climes, but in the UK, you generally spend the beginning of the match shivering your socks off and pacing up and down to keep warm.

Once you start moving though, the adrenaline starts pumping and you soon forget you were basically a snowman just minutes before.

6. You dread playing in defence

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You’d rather not be handed the Goal Defence bib. You don’t get the glory of scoring for your team, and if the competition manages to sneak a goal in, everyone throws daggers at you. It’s basically a no-win situation.

7. Your team mates are your besties

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Despite the ups and downs of being in a team, you and the rest of your netball squad are basically family. Any on-court squabbles are soon forgotten by the time the next game rolls around, and your other friends are starting to become jealous of how much time you spend with the netballers.

There are no superstars in netball – everyone has to work as a unit to get the ball across the court and score – which is why you’re super tight with each other.

Win or spectacularly lose the season, you know you’ve found a set of pals for life.