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The Nike Phantom GX Takes Precision To The Next Level With Its Gripknit Technology

phantom gx nike football boot

The Phantom GX boot serves the future of athletes and sport through the introduction of Nike Gripknit, a brand new Nike exclusive yarn coated with TPU that when melted to the optimal temperature creates a grippy, flexible and durable new generation of Nike Flyknit, unlocking a new precision of touch on the pitch.

Inspired by a fingerprint, the Gripknit upper package is grippy and flexible but also has a tackiness for sharp ball control. To create the optimal level of performance, balancing grippiness and clean ball contact, the team combined Nike Gripknit with high-tenacity yarns to achieve an optimal ratio for footballers in key boot-to-ball contact areas, giving athletes the ability to be more precise in their game. 

The upper is made with the new Nike Gripknit yarn, which is soft and pliable but has a grippy sensation that footballers love. It also offers unique weatherization benefits: The way the Gripknit yarn is melted and coated, it protects the knit from getting wet without having to add extra coating materials (skins) for weatherization, allowing the player to have a better boot-to-ball connection. 

Whether it’s a muddy day in London or a hot day in Brazil, the weatherized benefits help provide a consistency in touch and performance in a range of conditions. 

The new versatile stud pattern provides athletes with increased traction and responsiveness when making quick cuts. The agility plate consists of 13 studs, five of them being Tri-star studs, creating the highest stud variation of any boot in the Nike lineup. 

This new bold agility plate optimizes multidirectional movement on the pitch, allowing athletes to quickly separate from their opponents during gameplay.

The Gripknit yarns also form the cornerstone to explore new systems of fit. The asymmetric collar and heel design were constructed to help reduce irritation and help footballers break in their boots more easily by bringing the seam on the heel of the boot away from the Achilles.

The Phantom GX is the first elite Nike boot at retail to feature a heel counter that is usually reserved for our sponsored Nike athletes. 

This counter has a recess in the heel to improve comfort in the boot’s lockdown without compromising the stability and structure that footballers need.

The Dynamic Fit model reintroduces Nike’s Ghost Lace covered lacing system, originally unveiled in the Nike Phantom Vision 1 and 2 models. When paired with Nike Gripknit, it offers a thin, connected upper with a clean striking surface.

The Phantom GX continues Nike’s significant strides toward its 2025 Impact targets as the majority of this season’s lineup, including Academy and Club styles across all genders, is made with at least 20 per cent recycled content by weight.