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Winners Announced For Period Underwear Design Competition

Modibodi Underwear Design Winner

Global absorbent apparel brand, Modibodi®, launched its first-ever global design competition ‘Design a pair, get a pair’ in April this year and the winning designs, showcasing just how powerful periods can be, are now exclusively available on the brand’s site to purchase.  

Entrants were aged 18 and under and were selected from Australia, UK and Europe and tasked to share what ‘Period Power’ meant to them, with the winning three designs now having been produced on Modibodi’s newest range. The goal of the competition was to help empower young menstruators to break down taboos and stigmas about menstruation. 

About the winning ‘Design a pair’ styles 

Queen of Love: AU 

This design was created to show that the true meaning of period power is that all people, no matter their gender, need to feel comfortable, and strong and love themselves whilst on their period.

You don’t need to worry; you just need to be yourself and not care about your period. We all experience periods, so we need everyone to support each other.  

Dinomite: UK 

Inspired by the fluctuating moods a period-experiencing person can have, this design was created to show that these fluctuating hormones are so normal that even dinosaurs understand them! 

Share your Strength: EU 

This design was created to highlight the importance of normalising periods whilst acting with kindness to those experiencing them, showing the strength it takes to have a period and the understanding every person menstruating needs to love themselves and have their feelings validated. 

“This global competition was a call to young people who wanted to break taboos and stigmas around periods in a very real way.

The winning designs really help to empower and inspire young menstruators to break the silence around periods. They are honest, inspirational prints from young people across the globe who want their experiences of menstruation to be seen and we are so proud to be able to produce these amazing prints on our underwear.” says Charissa Lanham, Modibodi Design and Innovation Director. 

The winning designs are now available on Modibodi’s website.