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Peloton Yoga Studio Opens In New York City

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Peloton, have been revolutionising the fitness industry for some time now, and have announced the opening of a new yoga studio in New York City.

The Peloton Yoga Studio, is now open to the public, and can be found at 152 Christopher Street in the West Village’s historic Archive Building, alongside the Peloton Tread Studio.

The new studio space will offer a variety of yoga and meditation classes taught by three world-class Peloton Yoga instructors — Kristin McGeeAnna Greenberg and Aditi Shah — who have joined the company’s roster of expert fitness instructors.

“We are incredibly excited to release Peloton’s new Yoga programming to our Members, both in the studio and at home. As we did with the addition of Bootcamp, Running, Walking and Outdoor earlier this year, we are continuing to expand our suite of superior fitness offerings in order to provide our members with an ever more diversified array of options to stay fit, happy and healthy.  As with our other tentpole lines of programming, our focus will remain on providing the energy and authenticity of live studio production while providing the ultimate convenience of anywhere, anytime access via our On Demand platform.”

— Fred Klein, Chief Content Officer of Peloton. 

Kristin McGee, Anna Greenberg and Aditi Shah begin teaching their live studio classes to the public today, and are the first three of what will ultimately be a roster of five full-time Peloton Yoga instructors. McGee, considered a pioneer in the yoga movement, has starred in yoga DVDs and trained a roster of high-profile celebrity clients; Greenberg has crafted a unique teaching style that uses movement and music to help her members connect, and has been a prominent workshop leader and teacher trainer in New York City; Shah studied yoga in India and New York City for more than 10 years and has been recognized as one of New York City’s best instructors.

In addition to providing live classes to New Yorkers, the Peloton Yoga Studio is serving as a central hub for producing and live-streaming its new suite of content to members across the US, UK and Canada.

Beginning December 26, 2018, Peloton Bike and Tread owners, as well as Peloton Digital subscribers, will be able to experience live and on-demand Peloton Yoga classes from the comfort of their own home or on the go.

Peloton Yoga leverages the best of the Peloton brand and features many of the hallmarks that have become synonymous with the company’s content offerings, including a leaderboard, reimagined for yoga, that allows instructors to directly engage with live class participants.

Whether taking a class in-person at the New York studio, or on a mat at home, members will feel the energy of Peloton’s elite instructors flowing right alongside them.

The Peloton Yoga Studio is offering a variety of yoga and meditation classes, including:

  • Yoga Flow: Vinyasa-style classes where poses are linked together in a sequence.
  • Power Yoga: A more vigorous class, with a faster pace, and added poses and repetition of movements to add strength.
  • Restorative Yoga: A yoga class with fewer poses, held for longer amounts of time, leveraging the use of props to take most of the effort out of the poses. Restorative Yoga helps cultivate relaxation and stress reduction.
  • Yoga Anywhere: These short classes will be optimized for doing yoga when you’re away from home or studio and don’t have access to a mat (on demand only).
  • Yoga Basics. Short tutorials on individual poses, geared towards beginners.
  • Meditation: Simple, accessible, breath-focused classes.
  • Guided Visualizations: Uses mental imagery to focus the mind on a desired emotional state or goal.
  • Meditation Basics: Short tutorials focused on specific meditation techniques.
  • Meditation Anywhere: Designed for specific non-studio environments such as office, commute, etc. (on demand only).

Studio classes start at $20 for new members. More information about the Peloton Yoga Studio, including the class schedule, instructor information and membership packages, can be found at

In addition to the Peloton Bike and Tread, Peloton Yoga will be available through Peloton Digital on iOS and Android devices and web starting December 26.

Peloton Digital offers potential members a 14-day free trial period with no commitment. Digital membership is priced at $19.49 per month. For more information, please visit