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On Point2 Is Back In Time For The Iconic London Marathon

Point2 event flyer

Swiss sports brand On brings back Point2 this year, just in time for London’s iconic marathon.

Held at 180 The Strand between September 29 and October 2, Point2 is back featuring vibrant multi-sensory experiences through bespoke commissions and site-specific installations. 


Running is at the core of On’s DNA and extensive science has shown it to improve both physical and mental health. However, researchers and individuals are also discovering a link between running and the formation of new, world-changing ideas.


Point2’s scenography and installations are entirely governed by the movement of people in the space.


On have called in external creative partners to co-host talks and panel discussions around brain chemistry and the flow state achieved through movement.


A curated, four-day movement-specific program open to all has been designed to promote creative thought.

Point2 will feature On’s Run Scanner, which will be used to analyze running styles as well as for movement sessions and light displays. It will also house product installations, showcasing some of the brand’s iconic silhouettes and ground-breaking technologies.

For full schedule details, click here.