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Actor, Model, Influencer, Reality TV Star And Business Owner Introducing On Mekahel

On Mekahel Sustain Health Magazine cover

Introducing On Mekahel, actor, model, influencer, reality TV star and business owner with a two million strong social media following. On splits his time between the UK, US and his home country of Israel.

On’s creative vision, love for fashion, and passionate work ethic make for an impressive CV, including reality show ‘Putting On’, men’s underwear & swimwear brand: Mounderwear and an array of international (ex-UK) glossy magazine covers.

On’s ethos has always been to party hard but work harder and to extend his genuine passions for fashion, fitness, entertainment, travel and LGBTQ rights into something meaningful.

On Mekahel Sustain Cover

His social media following and success continue to reflect the positive energy he puts out into the world and his insatiable lust for life.

Where would you say your creative vision and love for fashion come from?

I have loved fashion since I was a little boy. I remember coming home from school and spending my days watching runway shows, looking at magazines and designing. 

I think my love for fashion also came from being a kid model, which brought me to the world of fashion, and I loved everything about it. 

How do you manage your time split between the UK, US and your home country of Israel?

It’s a lot at times – but doing what you love makes it easier. The US is where my career took off and where I spent most, if not all, of my twenties.

For the UK, I have always had a place in my heart since I was in England for summer school when I was 14 years old. Also, London has become one of the most important places for fashion, so I aim to be there as much as possible to grow myself in the fashion world. 

And Israel – Is my home and always will be. It’s where my family is, which I’m very close to. So, for me to see them every 2-3 months is a must. I’m a mommy’s boy.


What was it like being Naomi Campbell’s personal assistant, travelling around the world with her?

I can’t talk much about it, but I can say that it was the best time of my life. Spending these years with a woman I love and appreciate very much. 

Did she teach you a lot about the fashion industry?

Of course. She is the fashion industry. 

@iamonmekahel #hesa10but ♬ original sound – On Mekahel

Who is your all-time favourite designer?

Riccardo Tisci 

 Is it all a glamorous party lifestyle?

Not really. Nothing is as glamorous as it seems on our social media. 

There are a lot of ups and down, like everything in life. But I do like to live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment and make it as glamorous as possible. I love glamorous things.

How did you feel when you became the first Israeli man and the first gay man to appear on the cover of an Arabic magazine in Saudi Arabia (2021)?

It was a huge achievement for me and was a special moment. 

I hope that this cover opened the middle east world to more acceptance and love, which I believe already is very accepting.

How did the idea of starting a men’s underwear & swimwear brand: Mounderwear come about?

I did a lot of underwear modelling when I first moved to New York and worked with many brands. 

When my parents came to visit me, my dad encouraged me to start my own brand; the rest was history. 

I always loved underwear and how it makes people feel and I wanted to make something that I think is sexy. comfortable. And just the way I love to see men dressed. 

Your ethos has always been to party hard but work harder; how do you maintain this?

I work 24/7. Even when I’m partying, travelling or having a nice dinner with my husband, my head is always spinning and working. that’s how I function, and I love it.

My best creative ideas come when I’m out and about doing other things and not sitting at the office. 

Do you have a strict diet?

Not really. I love food. I live to eat and not the opposite. Haha. 

But I do know how to balance. If I have a shoot coming up, I will be more aware of what I eat than other weeks.

I also prefer to eat at home, and we eat fairly healthily. 

What’s your favourite meal?

Sushi. Or Barbecue. 

How much time do you spend in the gym or keeping fit?

5-6 days a week.

Have you got a favourite workout or gym?

I do have a regular workout routine that my husband, who is a personal trainer, helped me, curate. 

I also run every day for 15-20 min, which does miracles to my body. 

Who would you say has been your biggest help and inspiration?

Many people shaped who I am and been my help and inspiration. My father is a brilliant businessman. My husband, of course. 

Kim Kardashian is my forever inspiration. Love her. Love her work ethic and everything she is about. 

Have you got a favourite go-to song when you workout and have you got a Spotify playlist dedicated to your workout that you’d like to share with our readers that may inspire them?

Ugh, no, but I would love to get playlists or song recommendations!! Please dm my instagram hahaha. I’m so bad with music. 

At the moment, I just put Siriusxm bpm / Diplo’s channels & some of my favourite Israeli artists on my apple music