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Leave Gravity Behind With On’s Cloudrunner Shoe

people wearing on cloudrunner shoe

Some training sessions can be especially tough and can leave you feeling almost glued to the ground. On days like those, the right support is vital.

So Swiss sports brand On has developed a new running shoe that provides such support in a light, cushioned and comfortable form. 

Slip into the new Cloudrunner and you will immediately feel its ultimate comfort. With special support zones in the shoe’s upper and a mesh upper fabric that keeps the foot breathing even on longer runs, the Cloudrunner provides the firmest of foundations for pain-free regeneration runs that are a delight to complete. 

“To make the Cloudrunner more supportive we have increased the width of the bottom unit in the forefoot and the heel area, so you land and push off on a wider platform,” explains On’s Head of Footwear Product Management Edouard Coyon.

“We sculpted the inside of the bottom unit, so your foot sits inside a cradle, instead of sitting on top of it. The upper nicely wraps around your foot so it is fully supported.

“We tuned the geometry of the clouds – smaller clouds on the medial side than on the lateral – to support the foot’s movement from heel to toe.” 

The ergonomic running sensation is further enhanced by the Speedboard®, which is located directly beneath the foot and, in the Cloudrunner, gives additional stability through its slightly wider shape.

When the foot lands, the Speedboard® absorbs and stores the resulting impact energy and then releases this into the take-off.

It’s the combination of its CloudTec® cushioning and its Speedboard® agility that makes the Cloudrunner such an effortless experience that feels lighter and easier with every running stride. 

The unique blend and balance of cushioning and support deliver outstanding comfort, too. Asphalt will never have felt so soft. And, given that the Cloudrunner has been specially developed with running novices and returnees in mind, this high wearer comfort can prove the decisive factor in keeping going and not giving up. 

The all-new Cloudrunner also features all the usual On eco-credentials: more than 90% of its polyester is recycled, and over 30% of the entire shoe is made from recycled materials. 

The Cloudrunner is available online at and from selected retail partners worldwide, at a price of £130GBP.