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The Importance Of Omega 3 For Runners – And How To Incorporate It Into Your Diet

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Omega 3 fats are an important part of a human’s diet with a variety of benefits improving and maintaining overall health.

Humans are unable to naturally produce these fatty acids, so it must be outsourced – fish and algae. Traditionally we have been depending on fish oil capsules or the consumption of fish to maintain healthy levels of omega 3 in the body.

However, for those wanting the same benefits but with a more sustainable approach, a great option is algae-born vegan. 

Health and Wellness Coach Vanessa Gatelein talks through some of the key things all runners should know, exploring some of the best ways to build omega 3 into a healthy diet.

Why is it particularly important for runners to take an Omega 3 supplement?

As a runner, if there’s one thing you want functioning in a normal way, it’s your heart. Running is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that really gets the heart pumping. Think of your heart as a muscle and running as the exercise that strengthens that heart muscle.

Omega-3 fatty acids provide specific nutrition, DHA & EPA, that is known to support your heart’s health to help it function normally.

While many researchers are not entirely sure “how” this happens, they do know that it’s important to get the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids into your diet every day. The benefits occur when daily intake is 250 mg of DHA / DHA and EPA.

How can you make sure you get enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet every day?

Omega-3 fatty acids are best known to be found in fatty fish and seafood along with plant sources like nuts, seeds, and algae. Personally speaking, I am allergic to fish and break out in hives when I eat it, so it was important to me to find another way to get enough in my diet, through plant-based sources. Supplementing was easiest for me and my lifestyle.

What are the health benefits of Omega 3?

Going beyond heart health, omega-3 fatty acids support brain health as well as eye health.* Researchers are currently exploring other areas of the body that could be supported by omega fatty acids, so there could be more developments to follow in the not so distant future.

*DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function, maintenance of normal vision, and EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA / DHA and EPA.

How can I easily work omega 3 into my everyday diet?

Omega 3 can be taken on either via food or supplement. Vegan cook and author, Rachel Ama is working with Juice Plus+ to share the wonders of algae as a cooking ingredient, with delicious and nutritious recipes.

She has developed a nutritious and tasty smoothie omega 3 smoothie recipe, blended with fresh bananas and spinach as well as hemp seeds, walnuts and cashew nuts that not only add great natural fats but also make it smooth and creamy. The recipe for this is as follows:

Omega 3 Smoothie

An incredibly quick smoothie with Juice Plus+ Omega+ Blend powerhouse supplement, blended with fresh bananas and spinach as well as hemp seeds, walnuts and cashew nuts that not only add great natural fats but also make it smooth and creamy. 

Ingredients – Serves 1

1 banana, chopped 

1/2 a date 

80g spinach 

3 walnuts 

3 cashew nuts 

1 tsp hemp seeds 

150ml water 

4 Ice cubes 

1 Juice Plus+ Omega+ Blend capsule 

Method: Open your JuicePlus+ Omega+ Blend capsule and pour contents into a high-speed blender, place all the other ingredients on top and blend until completely smooth. Juice Plus+ Omega+ Blend is available for £41 a month for 4 months via the Juice Plus+ website.

Find out more here.