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Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t: Oakley Launches Re:Subzero

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Oakley® launches the next chapter of innovation with Re:SubZero, an advanced, lightweight frame made to wear during a run, training session, or whenever you’re breaking a sweat in pursuit of self-betterment.

With the application of the brand’s industry-disrupting PhysioMorphic Geometry, Re:SubZero provides wearers everything they need to lock into the present moment and look ahead to a lighter future within a singular frame.

Equipped with innovation and weighing just 24 grams: it feels like wearing nothing but has what you need to channel your energy to move and progress.

Sport provides a path for people to create a healthier and lighter life. This belief is what inspired the creation of Re:SubZero – a frame to wear while running, training, or simply staying active beyond the traditional field of play.

© Oakley

Re:SubZero comes with the mission to reap the benefits of movement, regardless of where your journey begins or ends.

The frame was designed for everyone who likes to physically move and improve their lives through sport.

Weighing in at just 24 grams, the frame is the perfect, lightweight companion for pre-, during and post-sweat activities, uniting us all in the continued journey to self-betterment.

© Oakley

“In times like the one we are living, we have the duty to inspire people to use sports as a platform to a better life, to foster a better community and ultimately a better world. Sports relieves, unites, heals, and transforms,” said Caio Amato, Oakley Global Head of Marketing.

“RE:SUBZERO is a result of our obsession with creating a great experience to consumers to relieve the heavyweight each one is carrying, regardless of their levels. It is 30 years of heavy innovation, in just 24g! A very lightweight & versatile experience for you to seek the best version of yourself.”

The new eyewear is packed with technology that only a brand like Oakley could deliver.  The frame features PhysioMorphic Geometry, an industry revolution that allows for a lens design with an extended wrap and rigidity in key areas that mimic the structural properties of a frame.

© Oakley

Taking inspiration from the human experience as well as the laws of nature, PhysioMorphic Geometry unlocks eyewear to be designed and developed without limitations, and lenses that are built without any shape constraints.

This unique feature results in a seamless design and mask-like fit without carrying the restrictions of a frame.

A unique lens attachment leverages the Oakley icon to connect the lens, lug, stem and icon into a flush, one-of-a-kind design.

The sunglasses have been outfitted with Prizm™ Lens Technology, designed to enhance color and contrast, in its unique shield lens design, while two Unobtainium® nosepads of different thicknesses and depth allow for varying offsets, creating a perfect fit and no-slip grip.

Re:SubZero was revealed to Oakley’s global community via an augmented reality-enabled journey that dramatizes its tech-forward approach, highlighting the innovation packed into this extremely lightweight piece of eyewear.

By using a mobile device, viewers received in-depth knowledge and a summary of the development for each element of the frame via augmented reality graphics. The sunglass itself is packaged within a floating chamber to highlight its lightweight design.

Re:SubZero arrives just weeks after the brand’s re-launch of Sub Zero, a frame that is part of its MUZM platform that reinterprets iconic, archival products for today.

Oakley’s Re:SubZero will be available on the Oakley website and in select Oakley stores and catch Team Oakley athletes Aori Nishimura, Aaron Jones, and Andre De Grasse in the campaign on Oakley YouTube @oakley #resubzero.