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Are You A ‘Nose Breather’ Or A ‘Mouth Breather’?

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A new review of eighteen studies has shown that people who snore could be three times more likely to die from Covid-19 virus if they are admitted to hospital. 

Scientists at The University of Warwick reviewed 18 studies relating to obstructive sleep apnoea and Covid-19.

The study review found those who suffer from sleep apnoea, which causes snoring and choking when the throat muscles relax and temporarily block the airway during sleep, are at greater risk of being hospitalised or dying from the virus.

Most of us have experienced being kept awake by a snorer.  Maybe it’s even your own. When you have difficulty breathing through your nose, snoring can ensue or become heightened.  For people who already suffer from sleep apnoea this can greatly aggravate the problem.

Obstructive sleep apnoea can create a whole wave of problems that can affect our health. Obstructive sleep apnoea can take both a mental and physical tolls on us.

The risk of concentration loss and accidents because of sleep deprivation is also heightened. Some of the mental problems that can arise include depression and anxiety; the physical problems however comprise a longer risk list, which includes heart disease, heart attack and/or stroke, weight gain, and high blood pressure.

If you are a natural ‘mouth breather’” and sleep with your mouth open, then you are more likely to suffer with sleep apnoea or snore than a natural ‘nose breather’.

Learning to breathe through your nose has many benefits in addition to curbing your snoring.  According to experts, the nose acts as an incredibly effective natural filter and removes 98-99% allergens, viruses, bacteria and pollutants.

Breathing expert Tim Ives, says “Our nose is a very effective natural filter and does a great job at keeping many airborne viruses at bay. Our noses filter 98% of bacteria and allergens so breathing through our noses is recommended if you’re looking for protection. 

In my opinion, ensuring you are breathing through your nose compared with breathing through your mouth is more effective at protecting you from viruses than wearing a face mask.”

So, what are the other benefits of becoming a ‘nose breather’?

To begin with, when you can’t breathe through your nose, your sense of smell becomes stifled. Not being able to smell can be irritating, but because your sense of smell and taste buds are connected, it can become harder to taste too.

When your smell and taste senses are limited, your appetite and satiation levels can become distorted. This can greatly affect someone with dietary struggles or weight problems.

The next issue that arises when we don’t breathe through our noses is limiting a gas called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, while sounding a bit scary, is actually really beneficial to our respiratory system.

Our noses and sinus mucous membranes make this gas, and when it is inhaled, it helps our lungs absorb oxygen, which then increases the oxygen absorption in our lungs by 10-25%. Not only does it help us absorb oxygen, but it also can kill bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

Depriving ourselves of this gas can cause a lot of health concerns. In fact, nitric oxide has been found to help memory, it can assist the immune system in fighting off bacteria, regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, increase endurance and strength, and assist in gastric motility.

On top of all of that, nitric oxide has been shown to have cardiovascular benefits. When we mouth-breathe, we deprive ourselves of this gas that is so beneficial to our bodies.

Speaking of cardiovascular benefits, there is a vital nervous system that connects our lungs and heart to our noses. Mouth breathing can have adverse effects on our cardiovascular health which can bring about altered heart rates, blood pressure issues and an increase in stress responses.

Next on our list is mucous. Did you know that our noses make two pints of mucous a day? If that seems like a lot, that’s because it is! Especially if we aren’t able to properly clear that mucous. Our bodies are made to push this mucous through, thanks to regular nose breathing, and we don’t even give it a second thought.  

If we are unable to breathe through our noses, we may experience a build-up of mucous, and when this happens, problems like bad breath, sinusitis, and ear infections can occur.

Mouth breathing is not difficult to fix once it is brought to our attention. It’s important to know where the issue stems from. Is it an ingrained habit or is it caused by nasal inflammation or blockage?   Difficulty in nose breathing can be caused by a number of different issues – the most commonly blocked sinuses, flu, colds, seasonal allergies. 

Xlear Nasal Spray can help by cleansing and moisturising the nasal airway, allowing you to breathe better.  It can also both combat and prevent these conditions by preventing contaminant adhesion to the nasal passageways.

Xlear’s Nasal Spray is 100% natural and safe for daily use, without any side effects or the risk of long-term damage.

Research has shown that those who regularly use a nasal spray such as Xlear, which contains xylitol for its natural bactericidal qualities and grapefruit seed with its toxicity to Covid19, are at a significantly lower risk for contracting respiratory infections. 

It is recommended that you use Xlear’s Nasal Spray once in the morning and once at night for ultimate protection against airborne contaminants, and if you do get ill, use Xlear up to 4 times daily to recover faster [cite study?]

Viruses, bacteria and contaminants cling to the mucous membrane inside your nasal passages putting you at risk for infectious disease or illness.   Xlear works as a cleanser and humectant, coating your nasal passages regularly with xylitol which is clinically proven to reduce the ability for invaders to adhere to the receptor cells in the airways. 

Xlear Nasal Spray with xylitol is also safe to use in tandem with cold, flu, or allergy medications.

Naturally formulated with non-GMO ingredients, Xlear Nasal Spray with xylitol is the natural alternative for family respiratory care.  Application couldn’t be easier; you just pump the applicator and puff the spray into each nostril twice – twice daily.