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The Rapping Pharmacist On How His Job Can Help Alleviate The Pressures On The NHS

The Rapping Pharmacist On How His Job Can Help Alleviate The Pressures On The NHS

“Welcome to my world of Pharmacy, Travel, Reality TV, Rap and Fashion” reads Navid Sole’s Instagram Bio and that’s exactly what you will get from him.

Sole has a wide range of passions, but they are his life and what makes him who he is. 

From overcoming racial adversity to graduating with a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy from King’s College London and owning two of his own pharmacies in London, Navid has pushed himself to achieve what others told him was impossible and thrives to help those in any way that he can.

Motivated by the tragedies of COVID-19, Navid wants to use his voice to spread awareness on the importance of the role of pharmacists and how his job can help alleviate the pressures on the NHS. 

Pharmacy requires a high level of skill and pharmacists are on the frontline of the British healthcare system.

The Rapping Pharmacist On How His Job Can Help Alleviate The Pressures On The NHS

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, pharmacists have supported the NHS by nearly 78%, ensuring medications were given to patients on time and answering uncertainties the public had during the pandemic.

Specifically, during this time, Navid and pharmacists like him have had to step up and take on more responsibility, in support of the strain that COVID has had on the NHS, through supplying medicine to those in need and acting as stand-in GP’s during this time, making sure individuals had access to proper and necessary medication.

Navid believes that pharmacists should have the right to prescribe medications within their competence and for them to adjust if something incorrect was written on the GPs script, which will hugely reduce the burden on GPs and doctors’ surgeries. Navid says: ‘I fear that a second peak will soon rise around the UK as people have started to think things have gone back to normal which they have not.

We have started to pre-order the flu jab as there will be a huge demand of people wanting a vaccine for this winter’. 

Navid is very passionate about speaking on anything regarding pharmaceuticals, he is trained to respond to patients’ symptoms and advise on medicines and can recommend vitamins, minerals and supplements where needed.

His profession can provide services to patients including smoking cessation, blood pressure measurement and cholesterol management.

Not only does Navid give advice to patients on medicines including how to take and what reactions could occur, he also provides advice to healthcare professionals about safe and effective medicine use. 

Not only is Navid a practising pharmacist, but he has also starred in a number of TV shows including Channel 5’s Rich Kids Go Skint which also aired on 5 Star and MTV, Eating with my Ex on BBC and Things Not to Say on BBC iPlayer. Navid has also appeared on a German TV show called Taff which focused on his daily role as a pharmacist.

These different yet fantastic opportunities have opened Navid’s eyes to a different world and taught him valuable life lessons, which is definitely a different scene to the Pharmacy world. 

With an impressive 10k followers on Instagram, and a celebrity following including Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna, who share his passion for rap and fashion, Navid’s favourite way to express himself is through rap – ‘I love rap.

I am inspired by my gorgeous Nicki Minaj and have a powerful side which comes out when I rap. I love celebrity culture and mingling with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Britany Spears, Michelle Obama, Donatella Versace, Rita Ora and many more. By being in their presence it gives me the drive for success and inspires me to become as influential as them.’ 

Navid is a strong believer that you can do anything you want if you work hard enough for it and will continue to use his unique, outgoing, friendly and bubbly personality to get him to where he wants to be and help alleviate pressures on the NHS.

Speaking 4 languages (English, Italian, Spanish and Farsi), Navid is keen to express his knowledge across a range of health, science, celebrity culture and music topics.

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