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Safer Natural Laundry Detergent Facts

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Most of this material doesn’t dissolve in the rinse and can enter your body through your skin. So to preserve our health, it might be crucial to be aware of what we put on and into our bodies. 

For instance, several detergents include chemicals that may cause skin irritation. In addition, numerous commercial detergents risk mimicking hormones and interfering with endocrine processes, which might affect metabolism, mood, and sexual function.

Even the most widely used laundry detergent brands include substances connected to anything from allergies and dry skin to cancer. As a result, your health is at risk from toxins in even some of the finest detergents.

We have gathered some facts to help you understand the importance and urgency of avoiding such detergents and go green with the detergent ingredients. 

What Are Natural Laundry Detergents?

Laundry detergent is a cleaning solution used to wash clothing, bedding, and other materials. Both synthetic (produced in a lab) and natural (obtained from the earth) chemicals can be used in soaps. 

The primary distinction between normal laundry detergent and natural soap is that the latter includes only (or primarily) synthetic components, some of which may be hazardous to both people and the environment. 

Traditional detergents frequently include synthetic perfumes and dyes. Although many people use cobalt-coloured soap, if too much is used or it doesn’t dissolve correctly, it can potentially stain your linens. 

Bluing agents are often used for aesthetic reasons. However, they are occasionally employed as optical brighteners.

Why Use Natural Laundry Detergents?

Going natural with your daily usage items is always a better option than harmful and concentrated chemical-based ones. However, people often use the latter category. Chemical detergents are often considered to be more effective than natural ones.

But by reading these facts, backed by science, you can reconsider your detergent choice:

Natural Detergents Are Baby Skin-Friendly

Babies have a lot of dirty laundry, with 8–10 loads every week. So the last thing you want to do is expose your infant to unpleasant substances that might cause rashes and eczema-like conditions on your baby’s skin. 

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve done it before, it’s best to use the mildest detergent for your baby. 

Consumer Reports states, “Fragrance is frequently labelled as an ingredient but is full of additional substances that might cause asthma or other respiratory issues, migraines, and rashes.”

Choosing a hypoallergenic baby washing detergent helps save your child’s delicate skin and helps you avoid skin rashes and disorders like infant eczema. In addition, many scents- and/or chemical-free, plant-powered, organic solutions are available. 

After washing, most laundry detergents leave an undetectable residue on your clothes. This residue may irritate the eyes and skin and result in allergic reactions like skin rashes. 

Your clothes will last much longer if you use a natural, vegan washing detergent. Several manufacturers even include infant stain removers in their arsenal for the most difficult stains.

They Use Eco-Friendly Ingredients

When synthetic cleaning chemicals and phosphates are used to make cleaning products, they may be detrimental to the environment when they end up in the soil and water supplies. 

Your best bet is an eco-friendly laundry detergent made with natural chemicals to prevent potentially contaminating the planet, harming fish, and upsetting the ecology. 

Sustainable laundry detergents are biodegradable, degrade fast and harmlessly return to the soil.

Some of the plant-based components in eco-friendly laundry detergents have names that seem artificial. Some of the star ingredients in our list are:

  • Decyl glucoside.
  • Citric acid. 
  • Subtilisin enzymes. 
  • Lipase enzymes.
  • Amylase enzymes. 
  • Coconut acid. 
  • Lactic acid. 

Save Your Fabric In The Long Run

Being biodegradable and better for your washer, laundry detergent is equally good for the environment. It is safe for your sewer and septic system and dissolves rapidly and completely in cold, warm, or hot water. 

Natural cleaning solutions wash your linens and clean the drum simultaneously. While being merciless to filth and stains, laundry detergent is kind to your clothes. 

The planet is not treated well by synthetic compounds, and neither are your fabrics. Naturally sourced ingredients are extremely kind to fabric fibres and unlikely to cause fading. 

Go Natural For Your Laundry’s Sake!

We have listed the most important reasons you must adapt to using natural laundry detergents rather than synthetic ones. 

Read the back of your detergent bottle and ask the seller to confirm that their product is 100% natural before buying.

Then what are you waiting for? Start using these natural laundry detergents today and let us know your feedback in the comment section.