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Naomi Osaka’s Apparel Collection Features Her New Logo

Naomi Osakas Apparel Collection5

If design is a kind of visual listening, then creating signature apparel for athletes means listening to their values and origins, and illustrating an identity.

In Naomi Osaka’s new apparel capsule, which presents her new logo on select pieces for the first time, the spirits of her three continental backgrounds are combined for a look that embodies the full meaning of a signature line.

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The collection includes a range of casual, style-led pieces — polos, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sport tops, shorts — and accessories like fanny packs. Osaka’s logo is on each piece.

The mark is influenced by the national flag of Japan, and its simplicity is graphically flexible, befitting her multicultural background.

The long-sleeve shirt shows off the capsule’s key design tribute: a camo print inspired by the coordinates of Japan, Haiti and the United States.

The digits from each nation were fed through a digital algorithm to create the unique pattern.

The collection releases November 16 throughout Japan and the Americas, and in early December throughout EMEA.