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Breaking Down Barriers: Unravelling the Mysteries Behind Stalled Fitness Results

James O'Neil PT

It has to be about 4 Years ago when I visited Dorset and visited Sandbank Beach, it was September in England and the weather was decent enough to enjoy some time relaxing on the nice sandy Beaches. 

I started my morning off with my usual 5-mile run down to the beach. It was dark and I was chasing the Sun Rise. 

When I arrived at the beach I’d do some Deep Breathing and then went into the sea for an early morning dip.

The sun was just starting to rise and I was reflecting off the seawater. The air was fresh and every deep breath just made me feel like I was in heaven. 

(This is one of my dreams in life. To live in a warm country so I can run to the beach every day before or after work and Meditate and swim in the sea..) 

After doing that morning routine I’d always feel a huge feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the day and for life. 

I wandered over to go and grab a coffee from a local cafe as I was walking home listening to an Audiobook. 

At the time I was listening to The 5 AM Club – By Robin Sharma. Amazing book which I have read and listened to multiple times! Give it a read or listen sometime! 

Anyway! As I walked into the Cafe I ordered my go-to coffee, a Flat White. Strong and Short!  As I waited for my coffee it gave me some time to take in my surroundings. 

I was watching the people sitting and having their food and watching the people come in and out grabbing coffees etc. Then a massive realisation come to my mind! 

I was in this cafe like everyone else in there. I looked at their physiques. Most of them looked as if they didn’t train in the gym regularly. Like they had a bit extra fat than they needed and lacked correct posture. They didn’t have much muscle mass or definition either.

I then thought to myself. “I am in this cafe with all these people. Doing the same things, drinking the same stuff and eating the same foods.”

“So why am I in shape and they are not?”

A lot of people pay attention to diet. Which is obviously important. But what I was doing better than every other person in that cafe was that my exercise routine was far superior to theirs. 

I was eating and drinking the same. YET, my physique looked far more in check. 

This is why if you really want to SMASH 2024 with your fitness goals then you need to get your exercise right. 

The diet is important! But let me tell you something.. My diet is not great by any means. 

I eat and drink most of the same things you do as well! I just SMASH the exercise out 4-5 days a week and I make sure I do the right kind of exercise. 

That’s what makes all the difference. 

Moral of the story.. 

Focus on getting your exercise right first. Everything will follow that naturally. 2-3 Days a week of correct exercise will get you some fantastic results.. 

Make 2024 your year to make some changes, 

Doing a hard session followed by a Meal that you enjoy is far better than eating foods you dislike and not doing the right training.. 

In my years as a personal trainer, I’ve witnessed common pitfalls that often hold individuals back from achieving their fitness goals. Let’s delve into the reasons why your efforts might not be yielding the expected results.

  1. Inconsistent Exercise Routine: One of the primary culprits is an erratic exercise routine. Achieving fitness goals requires consistency. Are you sticking to a well-rounded workout plan, or is your routine sporadic?
  2. Lack of Tailored Workouts: Generic workouts might not be aligning with your body’s needs. Each person is unique, and so should be their exercise regimen. Tailored workouts are key to unlocking your full fitness potential.
  3. Overlooking Recovery: Your body needs time to recover and adapt. Neglecting rest and recovery can hinder progress. Ensure you’re giving your muscles the downtime they deserve for optimal results.
  4. Ignoring Nutrition’s Role: Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. If your diet isn’t complementing your fitness efforts, achieving desired results becomes challenging. Evaluate your nutritional choices to fuel your body effectively.
  5. Unrealistic Expectations: Setting unattainable goals can lead to frustration. Realistic and achievable milestones pave the way for a more gratifying fitness journey.
  6. Lack of Variety in Workouts: Monotonous workouts not only bore you but also prevent your body from experiencing new challenges. Spice up your routine with varied exercises to keep your body guessing.
  7. Inadequate Sleep: Quality sleep is often underestimated in fitness journeys. Lack of sleep can hamper recovery and impact overall performance. Prioritize a good night’s sleep for optimal results.


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James – Personal Trainer