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The Story Of The New MUTU System Kit

New MUTU System Kit

The MUTU System Kit includes all the simple at-home exercise equipment you need to follow the MUTU System programme:  a resistance band, a resistance band loop, a small inflatable ball, and a cotton weave yoga strap to maximise the effectiveness of your stretches. It also contains a cool branded cotton tote bag to use every day, complete with an inspirational, body-positive message. The kit arrives at our customers’ doors in a compact recyclable branded box.

But the packaging and plastic waste elements of getting the MUTU System kit from factory to ship to warehouse to customer… was a big concern. Every item left the factory individually wrapped in plastic, before being assembled by our fulfilment partners. Even the cute bracelets we gifted with the kit came in their own little plastic bags. Not cool for the planet, not sustainable and not ethical.

Eve in MUTU Customer Support was not happy. And when one customer emailed to highlight the plastic waste from her new kitbag, she decided enough was enough. And so began a 12-month mission to eliminate all plastic from our kit. Not an easy task when you consider that every item that leaves a factory must be wrapped and identified. It needs to be barcoded and scanned.

It needs to be tracked and accounted for. You can’t just ask for stuff ‘without the bag’. Eve was undeterred. Every email that told her ‘it can’t be done’ was met with ‘Yes it can. You’re just not trying hard enough’. She researched and sourced sustainable packaging, she contacted other companies about their solutions, she set about with brown paper and scissors, cutting and taping and taking pictures on her phone. ‘How about this? This would work. Please try it’. She did this with every individual item in the kit. 

After months of work (and because Eve just wasn’t going to go away) slowly the factories started to say ‘yes, we’ll try it’. The bracelets were a cute gift but they didn’t add real value for the customer and simply couldn’t be shipped without plastic. So they had to go. Eve proposed we divert the cost of bracelet production, to contribute to sustainable packing for the other items. Worth noting, that going plastic-free in today’s world, is never the cheapest option for a business.

Every single item now has a cardboard sleeve with all the required information on it. Even the plastic straw to inflate the little ball has been replaced with a sturdy cardboard one. There is *no plastic* in the packaging of your MUTU kitbag. And of course our designer Louise was with Eve every step of the way, making everything that packages our kit beautiful, useful and sustainable. Even the box is a colouring-in educational design to keep the little ones entertained as you work out.

MUTU System membership includes personal support in MUTU Connect as well as all programme content. It costs £99 (£124.90 with the kitbag), a one-time payment for lifetime access* to the exercises inclusive of a range of additional support worth over £1500.