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Why Is Ian Wright Enlisting Mate Aaron Ramsdale To Grow A Moustache On His Behalf

ian wright with aaron ramsdale

For more than a decade, Gillette and Movember have joined forces to help change the face of men’s health, and inspire men to shave down and participate in the annual moustache-growing movement.

However, a new survey conducted by Gillette has revealed that roughly 6 Million men in the UK are unable to grow a moustache, potentially limiting their ability to get involved and support Movember in this way.

To mark the 12th year of Gillette’s partnership with Movember, and with the ambition to encourage more men to take part, long standing Gillette ambassador and football legend Ian Wright has called upon his trusted mate, goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale, to grow one for him.

The campaign, named ‘Who’s Your Mo Mate?’, centres around not only encouraging men capable of growing a mo to get involved, but crucially, issuing a rallying cry to those who can’t to get a mate to do so on their behalf so they can still raise vital awareness and funds for Movember.

Ian asking Aaron to do this for him, and Aaron accepting, reflects further findings which reveal that asking a trusted mate makes a person three times more likely to take action on something, such as the growing of a mo.

This inclusive twist on the tradition highlights the power of unity and collective action in supporting men’s health. Behavioural insight sheds light on this reason why – research has demonstrated that by making commitments social, individuals are much more likely to follow through with behaviour change.

By understanding this insight to help more people get involved, Gillette and Movember want to encourage friends to have more open conversations about men’s health issues and show that it’s not just about growing a moustache; it’s about coming together and trusting each other to tackle the health challenges that men face all over the world.

The data also revealed that those who know someone who has participated previously are almost twice as likely to take part and amongst those who are personally motivated – the Handlebar was the most popular style (22%), but amongst those who are championing for a friend, the Chevron – which Ian Wright selected as his favourite style if he could grow one – won top spot (39%). Under 35s are most open to growing a Mo for Movember with 63% saying they would consider growing a Mo compared to 44% of Over 35s

Through the campaign, Gillette and Movember, along with Ian Wright and Aaron Ramsdale hope to get more people talking about mental health and encourage early intervention.

The rate of male suicide is alarmingly high; 3 out 4 suicides in the UK are by men and globally, on average, 1 man dies by suicide every minute of every day.

As mental health can still be a taboo subject, the campaign will use the power of friendship and trust to encourage men to open up in real conversations and show that whatever you or a mate grow – whether patchy, lopsided, itchy or epic will help aid Movember’s funds and awareness for men’s health.

In addition to finding a Mo Mate to grow one for you, there are also a variety of different ways to support Movember’s important work if you can’t grow a Mo. You can also Move For Mental HealthHost a Mo-Ment and even Mo Your Own Way.

Ian Wright said: “I’m so happy to be working with Gillette to support Movember again. I can’t grow a decent moustache, so Aaron is my Mo Mate and he’s growing one that’s hopefully good enough for the both of us, and that gets people talking. I bottled up my feelings for years, and when I finally spoke to someone, it was the best thing I ever did. I hope this campaign helps others open up and ask for help if they’re struggling.”

Aaron Ramsdale said: “When Wrighty made the call and told me what him and Gillette were up to and then asked me to be his Mo Mate I couldn’t turn it down! I’m proud to be working with Gillette on this and supporting my good mate Ian who always has my back. Hopefully it’ll encourage others to get involved and grow their own mo or ask a mate to do so, as well as helping people open up about mental health more freely and raise awareness for such an important charity like Movember.”

Callum Wood, Gillette UK and Ireland Shave Care Brand Director said: We’re so proud of our continued partnership with Movember, working to change the face of men’s health.

Every November, as guys pick up their razors to shave and style their Mo’s it gives us the opportunity to work with Movember to create more open conversations around men’s health – whether you’re growing a Mo yourself, or you’ll be nominating a mate to grow one for you.

Seeing two friends like our ambassador Ian and Aaron use the moment of shaving down for Movember to engage in such real conversations about their lives and wellbeing – our hope is that their actions can continue to empower young guys to talk more freely about their mental health.

Every purchase of a Gillette Labs Razor, available nationally will see a donation made to the men’s health charity. 1 pack = 1 donation. Minimum donation £50,000.

You can donate to Gillette’s Movember fund or sign up to fundraise at