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Is Playing Golf More Dangerous Than Rugby – New Data Reveals It Is!

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While professional sports players often sustain injuries, sports can be just as dangerous for those of us who play it for fun. Played as a pastime for many, the potential damage these sports can cause is often overlooked.

So which is the MOST dangerous sport to play in the UK? GolfSupport set to find out. Following their 2018 analysis of the official National Health Statistics Report on sports injuries, they surveyed 5,732 British sports lovers* to discover the sports most susceptible to injury!


The most dangerous sport, chosen by 71%, is football. As the nation’s favourite sport, it comes as little surprise that millions of football-mad Brits will have sustained injury at some point.

Basketball is the second most dangerous sport, with 69% claiming injury. It’s fast-paced and dynamic nature means players are always required to be on their toes, increasing the potential for damage.

In third and fourth places are hockey (68%) and golf (66%) – in these shocking results, golf is shown to be more dangerous than rugby which sits as the sixth most susceptible to injury in the UK!

Other dangerous sports, which make up the top ten, include:

  • American Football63%
  • Tennis57%
  • Badminton/squash57%
  • Cycling55%
  • Athletics 50%

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GolfSupport discovered if you want to avoid an impromptu trip to the hospital, play darts! Of those surveyed, only 18% claimed they’d hurt themselves, therefore making it the safest sport played in the UK. 

Alongside darts, other safer sports include:

  • Snooker/pool36%
  • Swimming35%
  • Cricket33%
  • Rowing26%


When asked for the main causes for their injuries, most Brits cited someone else’s carelessness (63%). This was followed by: 

  • Self-inflicted – 47%
  • Equipment/objects – 35%
  • Nature of the game (e.g. contact sports) – 19%
  • Lack of rules/safety protocols – 14%

And of the Brits that experienced injuries whilst playing, a whopping three in five (62%) required medical attention from a GP or hospital.

It appears that Brits also fail to be more careful following an incident. When asked if they would take more care following an injury, 61% said no whilst only 39% said they would.

Finally, participants were asked for their opinion on who holds the most responsibility in ensuring safety in UK sports. Whilst 51% stated it is the individual’s duty, 40% thought it was down to the business or facility running it, and a surprising 9% believe the burden falls on the UK Government.

Further information of the findings here: