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Michelle Visage Has Finally Found The Joy In Working Out For Her Mind, Body And Soul

Michelle Visage scaled

Get up and get moving – that’s the rallying call from ASICS and Michelle Visage to Brits looking to lift their mood. 

ASICS has teamed up with the TV star to launch the 15:09 Uplift Challenge and help get people moving for at least 15 minutes and 9 seconds this June. Why 15:09? Because ASICS research shows that just 15:09 minutes of exercise can be all it takes for a mental uplift. 

The research also identified Gen Z (18–24-year-olds) in the UK as the age group most in need of a mind uplift – with the generation scoring lowest in mental wellbeing and exercising the least – while highlighting their main barrier to exercise being lack of time.

Further research revealed that Gen Z admits to spending up to 102 minutes a day on needless tasks and procrastination.

This led ASICS to recruit Michelle Visage and create a rousing public service announcement to motivate people to find the time to move for 15:09 minutes to benefit their mental wellbeing.

Speaking on her timesaving quest, Michelle Visage said: “Listen, we know we’re all busier than ever right now, but health is still important.

The facts are clear, you only need 15 minutes and 9 seconds of movement to improve your mental health. So, the next time you find yourself worrying over what emoji to use or offering advice to someone who you know won’t listen – stop and think about yourself, put that phone down, get your kit on my loves, and move for your mind.”

To take part in the 15:09 Uplift Challenge, people simply need to move for at least 15:09 minutes to help uplift their mind and capture in a video or image.

Every video or image posted to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #ASICS1509 during the month of June will raise funds for mental health charity Mind.

Visage has finally found the joy in working out (ASICS/PA)

When asked about their biggest time drains, Gen Z identified the following top 10: 

  • Social media scrolling (74%)
  • Searching online for a new outfit (42%)
  • Setting 20 alarms to get an extra 2 minutes sleep in the morning (33%)
  • Making small talk because you’re too polite to end the conversation (32%)
  • Giving advice to a friend you know never listens (31%)
  • Researching holidays you know you can’t afford (29%)
  • Scrolling through emojis to find one when you could have written the word for it in half the time (25%)
  • Sitting and waiting for your games console update to complete (23%)
  • Waiting for a bus when you could have just walked (23%)
  • Trying to find the perfect meme or GIF to express what you are thinking (22%)

Gary Raucher, Executive Vice President, ASICS EMEA said: “At ASICS, we’ve always believed in the power of exercise to uplift the mind.

Our latest research shows that even small amounts of exercise can have a big impact on how we feel. So, this June, we’re calling on everyone to move and to help lift spirits and raise valuable funds for mental health charity Mind.” 

Hayley Jarvis, Head of Physical Activity at Mind said: “At Mind, we believe physical activity has an important role in supporting people to stay and live well.

It’s fantastic to see ASICS’ recent research that shows it may only take 15 minutes to boost your mood. Knowing that a short walk at lunchtime can help uplift the mind, or counter the stresses from work and daily life, is a game-changer.”

ASICS has teamed up with Michelle Visage to get people moving for 15 minutes and nine seconds this June. Every video or image posted using #ASICS1509 will help to raise funds for Mind. To find out more, visit