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Spa Retreats Gain Popularity Among Men in 2023

man sits at edge of spa

In a surprising turn of events, men across the nation are embracing the world of spas, seeking solace and support for their physical and mental well-being.

According to the latest data from, a leading spa experience and booking agency, there has been an astounding 346% increase in male spa-goers since 2018.

These figures follow a highly successful campaign by the brand during Men’s Health Week, aimed at promoting the benefits of spas to men. has been actively working towards encouraging more men to experience the joys of spas and shedding light on the numerous advantages they offer.

As a result, the agency has witnessed a significant shift in their audience composition, with male spa enthusiasts rising from 25% in 2018/2019 to a remarkable 40% today.

Furthermore, has observed notable changes in website sessions, with men accounting for an 89% increase since 2018. Impressively, male bookings have skyrocketed by an astounding 346% during the same period.

Last June, Spabreaks launched their ground-breaking “Real Men Relax” campaign during Men’s Health Week. This initiative aimed to showcase the benefits of spa treatments for men from all walks of life.

The campaign featured local champions, including renowned pie and mash chef Tony Lane, as well as leading players from the Gallagher Premiership rugby league, such as Cadan Murley.

The impact of the campaign was phenomenal, with revenue seeing an outstanding 73% surge driven by voucher purchases made by men throughout the week.

The voucher conversion rate experienced a remarkable increase of 65%. In comparison to the week preceding the campaign, the booking conversion rate for men soared by 12%.

Adding to the success, cleverly leveraged the timing of the campaign to coincide with Father’s Day, offering a generous 10% discount when customers used the code “DAD.”

The response was overwhelmingly positive, as the usage rate for the code far surpassed that of the previous year. Over just three days, between June 15th and 18th, the code “DAD” was used a staggering 307 times for online bookings and 93 times for vouchers. In contrast, the same code was used a mere 22 times in 2022.

Abi Selby, the founder of, expressed her thoughts on the subject, stating, “Throughout my time in the spa industry, it’s become clear that both men and women face barriers when it comes to health.

We all have personal and general well-being challenges, although they may differ. Men, in particular, have had reservations about embracing the spa environment. Our goal has been to change perceptions and emphasize that spas are spaces for everyone, including men.”

Selby further explained, “I believe men often feel pressured to persevere through their struggles, especially when it comes to stress and anxiety.

While a spa visit may not be a universal solution, taking the time to relax and engaging in activities that promote relaxation can have a profound impact on mental and emotional health. The spa industry is here to support you.”

This year’s campaign, along with the ongoing efforts to encourage men to explore the world of spas, has undeniably been a resounding success for both the spa and well-being industries.

By highlighting the myriad benefits of spa treatments and dispelling the stigma associated with men enjoying spa experiences, continues to champion a cause that is transforming lives.