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Meditation Tips For Beginners

x hail meditation

There is no denying that meditating as a complete beginner can seem a little daunting. 

Charlotte from X-Hail shares her tips to make finding your inner zen that much easier: 

1. Breathe before you sit- just taking three deep breaths is enough to flip the relaxation  switch in the body meaning you’ll be able to go deeper much more quickly. 

2. Move before you sit- tension in the body is reflected in the mind  and vice versa. The softer and more relaxed your body the easier it will  be to meditate. 

This is why we incorporate relaxing mindful movement sequences and stress busting stretches at the start of each X-Hail session. So take some time to stretch, run or do yoga before you begin. 

3. Get comfortable- one of the biggest meditation myths is that you need to sit bolt upright legs crossed in order to meditate – yes it enhances the spiritual side of the experience but for most beginners inhibits the process as you are just focused on how much your back or knees hurt. 

So sit in a high backed comfy chair or lean against a wall to support your back or simply lie down and you’ll find things much easier. 

4. Remember you are human- thoughts and mind wandering, day dreaming even during meditation is to be expected and simply a sign of a healthy working mind. Our brains are designed to think.  

During meditation we can’t expect to simply switch them off- be kind to yourself as thoughts arise, this doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong or that you can’t meditate, it means your human. 

Aim to notice thoughts and let them go with less  reaction each time rather than stop them completely! 

5. Find a teacher- making this a habit that you stick to requires repetition and accountability but also a little troubleshooting (finding the right type of meditation/position/soundtrack for you etc…) a qualified X-Hail instructor can help you with all three and ensure you  make this transformative practice an enjoyable part of your everyday life from now on.