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Mary Earps And NFL UK Say Forget Spoilers And Watch Super Bowl LVIII Live

NFL UK along with England and Manchester United goalkeeper, Mary Earps, today, launched a video advising viewers to forget spoilers and to watch Super Bowl LVIII live.

The content showcases Mary providing some “handy saves” to help fans avoid spoilers for the Super Bowl.

This includes simple methods like dodging the sports news to more extreme means such as moving to the woods.

“My job is to make big saves, so I’m saving the fans from something much worse than a 95th-minute penalty…For the Super Bowl, why leave it to chance, forget spoilers, stay up and watch the game.”

Mary Earps, England and Manchester United goalkeeper

Throughout the weekend Mary will feature on NFL UK socials and being a Chiefs supporter, she will be tuning in live to the greatest show on earth to see the Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers. Mary’s interest in the sport stemmed from watching the All or Nothing series.

Mary who is also a fan of Taylor Swift mentioned how she is looking forward to the half-time performance by award-winning music artist, Usher, Mary commented, “I’m very excited. I’ve been told by several sources he is up there as one of the best performances live.”

When pushed for her ideal half-time show, she mentioned, “Adele. Even though it’s not a sporty mood, it would still be incredible.” (Check out our quick-fire Super Bowl Q&A with Mary below).

Created as part of NFL UK’s “A Different League” campaign, the Super Bowl content celebrates the NFL’s influence as a sporting and cultural phenomenon. 

There is only one way to experience “A Different League” and that is to watch Super Bowl LVIII live on Sky Sports NFL and ITV on Sunday, February 11 from 10:45 pm. 

To keep in the loop with NFL UK on future content follow @nfluk on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.  

Super Bowl Quick Fire Q&A with Mary Earps 

Q: Travis Kelce or Jason Kelce?

A: “Travis, Taylor Swift got to love her.”

Q: Chicken Wings or Hot Dogs?

A: “Neither eurgh.”

Q: Offence or Defence?

A: “Defence.”

Q: Taylor Swift or Usher?

A: “Taylor Swift.” 

Q: Chiefs or 49ers?

A: “Chiefs.”

Q: How and when did you become an NFL fan?

A: “A couple of years ago I started watching the All or Nothing Series, I got in a hole watching every single team.”

Q: Do you have a favourite team

A: “Right now Chiefs but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Arizona Cardinals because of All or Nothing.”

Q: Excited for Usher?

A: “Very. I’ve been told by a number of sources that Usher is up there as one of the best performances live, so I’m expecting something a little bit special.”

Q: Who would be your ideal half-time show?

A: “Adele. Even though it’s not a sporty mood, it would still be incredible.”

Q: Which of your teammates would make a good NFL player

A: “Hannah Blundell, maybe she doesn’t have the build for NFL but she is very quick and the biggest expert in the dressing room.”

Q: What position would you play?

A: “Quarterback, that’s the best one. Get to pull all the strings. Distro.”

Q: Who’s your tip for SB?

A: “The Chiefs to pip it.”