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How Marathon Runner Beat Burnout with Fatigue Fighting Vitamins

Elisa 1

The decision to train for both Berlin and Chicago marathons meant that runner and project manager, Elisa Harris, was soon clocking up the miles. In a bid to evade training fatigue, the Berkshire resident, turned to the intelligent supplementation of energy-boosting nutrients iron and vitamin B12.

“During marathon training, fatigue can be a real issue when I hit the peak training block and my body struggles to keep up and recover, which I believe to be due to a lack of iron. 

“Long runs, combined with everyday life, including work and studying, sometimes leave me feeling like I need an extra boost”, explains 48-year-old Elisa.

“Running is a huge part of my life, and while I have completed five marathons, ten ultra-marathons and countless other events, I really wanted to take my recovery seriously when I decided to compete in the Berlin and Chicago marathons – as I had two marathons in two weeks!

“Burn out was a concern for me, I was asking a lot of my body and travelling internationally for both events meant that I was at an increased risk of getting sick.

“I knew from experience that I would hit a wall with my training at some point, so I made a number of changes to my general lifestyle, which included addressing my nutrient intake”, Elisa continues.

“Iron deficiency was my biggest worry because of the fatigue it causes – but I also wanted to generally boost my energy levels and immune system, too.

“I became aware of natural health company BetterYou around three years ago when I began using their magnesium range as a part of my recovery process. It was only after I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency that I was introduced to their vitamin oral spray products.

“I have always found the BetterYou website to be full of really useful and helpful information, so I read up on the vitamin sprays and started using the vitamin B12 and iron supplements just over a year ago”, explains Elisa.

“Before this, I had only ever taken vitamin supplements in tablet form, but as I need to take a lot of tablets for my epilepsy, I hate having to take any in addition to this.

“This is why I’m now such a big fan of the oral spray option. It is so much easier and convenient to use, with no faffing about counting out tablets. The compact design also makes them ideal for travelling and use on-the-go.

“Since using the vitamin B12 and iron oral sprays, I have seen a big impact on my training. I knocked 23 minutes off my marathon time and still had the energy to run another marathon two weeks later, smiling all the way around.

“My husband now also uses the products and we’ve both noticed the significant effect it has had on our energy levels – I would 150 per cent recommend the product, they are the best supplements I have used”, Elisa concludes.

Important nutritional components when it comes to feeling energised, B-vitamins and iron offer a natural ‘boost’, without the inevitable crash that comes with other energy boosters.

Contributing to energy metabolism pathways and helping to reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue, BetterYou’s Boost B12 and Iron Oral Sprays offer a pill-free solution to traditional nutritional supplements.

BetterYou’s intra-oral spray technology is designed to deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream, bypassing primary processing by the gut. The tiny droplets within the spray absorb quickly into the buccal membrane of the inner cheek, providing fast and effective nutrient uptake.

Your exact health needs are as individual as you, so to help understand how much supplementation your body requires, try BetterYou’s quick and easy-to-use Vitamin B12 and Iron at-home testing services.

Along with accurate and detailed results, every test kit purchased will also provide personalised supplementation advice and a complimentary BetterYou oral spray to help stay on top of your health and track how it changes over time.