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Manual Reimagines Hilarious Cards Against Masculinity

Manual CardsAgainst Masculinity

The UK’s leading men’s wellness platform Manual, has launched Cards Against Masculinity, an interactive card game designed to normalise some of men’s most feared questions, opening conversations and encouraging men to seek help, to help combat the UK’s men’s health crisis and prevent unnecessary early deaths. 

Manual has designed the game to get men talking, drawing attention to the awkward subjects and taboo topics that the average UK male shy away from sharing with friends, family, partners and each other. 

The cards, which cover topics such as erectile dysfunction, prostate exams, societal pressures, mental health, hair loss, have been created to show a lighter side of these embarrassing and frightening topics, with the hope that this humorous approach will appeal to male sensibilities, and make men feel more comfortable to discuss with one another.

Manual Cards Against Masculinity

Following each round, players will then be presented by a pop-up screen educating them on interesting, helpful and fascinating facts surrounding the most taboo subjects relating to men’s health. 

In a recent survey, over 65 per cent of men said they avoid going to the doctor as long as possible, with over 20 per cent admitting that they aren’t always honest with their loved ones and doctors about their health.

Experts say this is an ongoing issue that is preventing doctors from detecting life-threatening issues early, resulting in more serious health complications and even death.

Since their launch in January 2019, Manual has made it their personal mission to demonstrate the importance of men’s health and wellbeing.

Inspired by the strength in their community, the latest campaign from the brand is hoping to raise awareness, provide support and normalise conversations for those facing mental and physical illnesses throughout the UK. 

George Pallis, Co-Founder of Manual, says: “At Manual, we are committed to challenging the outdated notions of what it means to be a ‘real’ man, tackling the many misconceptions around mental, physical and sexual male health.

The ongoing narrative that asking for help is a sign of weakness is leading many to ignore worrying symptoms and ultimately causing too many men throughout the UK to die young. 

Since launching it has always been our mission to create a safe space that encourages men to open up and confront health issues.

With our new Cards Against Masculinity game, we hope to initiate the conversation around men’s health and get men to get talking about their most intimate issues, in order to properly educate and drive them to seek help where necessary.”

The Manual Cards Against Masculinity interactive card game is live on the Manual site now: