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Manchester United Launch New 2023/24 Season Home Kit: A Triumph of Industrial Elegance

manchester utd home kit 23/24

Today, amidst great anticipation, adidas reveals the highly anticipated Manchester United home jersey for the upcoming 2023/24 season.

Embracing the essence of Manchester’s industrial heritage, this remarkable creation encapsulates the powerful bond between the city and its beloved club.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic bridge connecting Manchester and Salford, a symbol deeply entrenched in the hearts of Mancunians, the new kit showcases a captivating design.

Its intricate geometric pattern, beautifully woven with the emblematic red rose, pays homage to the industrial revolution that once propelled Manchester to global prominence.

The bridge, an enduring testament to Manchester’s unwavering spirit, serves as a poignant reminder of the city’s indomitable strength and its profound influence on the world stage.

Through this remarkable kit, adidas honour the cultural identity and rich legacy of Manchester, while echoing the unyielding dedication and affection of the club’s ardent supporters. It stands as a resolute testament to Manchester United’s timeless commitment to excellence, now and forever.

The bold and striking pattern harmoniously adorns a primarily red canvas, while the club crest and the adidas logo elegantly grace the chest in pristine white.

Completing the design, a striped flat knit crew neck collar, bedecked in the iconic club colours of red, white, and black, adds a touch of finesse.

Inigo Turner, Design Director at adidas Football, elucidates the profound vision behind this masterpiece: “The unbreakable bond that Manchester United fans share with their club and city is unparalleled.

For this season’s home jersey, we derive inspiration from precisely that, celebrating the city’s storied industrial heritage.

The red rose symbolizes a deep sense of pride within the people of Manchester, forever intertwined with the club’s illustrious history.”

This resplendent design is an embodiment of the collective spirit of the city and its passionate inhabitants, the very essence that shapes Manchester United into an enduring institution.

We eagerly await the sight of fans and players uniting as one, adorned in this magnificent jersey, during what promises to be a momentous season for the club.

Crafted with utmost precision to empower players in their quest for greatness, this jersey combines reverence for the past with a resolute gaze toward the future.

Notably, it stands as a testament to Adidas’ commitment to sustainability, as it is fashioned entirely from 100% recycled materials—a powerful stride towards combating plastic waste.

The on-field version of the jersey boasts cutting-edge HEAT.RDY technology is expertly engineered to ensure optimal comfort for players, even in the crucible of the grandest stages.

Meanwhile, the replica version, featuring AEROREADY technology, employs moisture-wicking fabrics to keep players dry and focused.

Prepare to witness the debut of this extraordinary home kit when Manchester United faces Leeds United FC in Norway on July 12th.

As of today, June 27th, fans can acquire this remarkable jersey from Manchester United stores, select adidas retail establishments, and online at and at the Manchester United store.