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Lisa Faulkner Tells WW Podcast That Even Celebrity Chefs Are Running Out Of Lockdown Food Ideas!

lisa faulkner

Can’t think of what to cook for supper? Are the kids moaning about your offerings and asking for takeaways?

You are not alone, because Celebrity MasterChef winner Lisa Faulkner tells the Wellness That Works podcast by WW (Weight Watchers reimagined) that she and her classically trained chef husband John Torode are in the same boat.

Lisa, 49 who has written cookery books and creates  food alongside her husband in John and Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen on ITV, says this is the worst of all the lockdowns and that many days have been saved by a humble fish finger sandwich.

“We were so proactive in lockdown 1 –  going for regular walks etc and we said ‘We’re going to cook everything from scratch and try new ingredients to look after our wellbeing’ but now it feels very different.  I have lost the motivation to cook three meals at home every day,” says Lisa.

“Tacos are a big family crowd pleaser for us, along with nachos and wraps and now the kids say ‘Are we really going to have that again?’

We try and support local restaurants and enjoy it when somebody else has cooked for a change. A man dropped our food off the other day and John answered the door in his pyjamas and the guy went ‘Oh it’s you!’”

Other highlights from the podcast, which airs from March 3rd 2021:

• Lisa confesses that she didn’t want to do Celebrity Masterchef at first

• She talks openly about her fertility issues and her quest to adopt daughter Billie

• She reveals that her family were obsessed with food when she was growing up

• She shares her thoughts on turning 50

•  She describes how lockdown has brought her even closer to John and the kids.

You can listen to the episode in full from March 3rd 2021 and subscribe to WW’s new podcast, Wellness That Works on iTunesSpotify & YouTube