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Lionesses’ Special Departure Show, “Down Under,” Kicks Off Daily Broadcast for FIFA Women’s World Cup Campaign

Millie Bright - Kyle Walker and Abbie McCarthy

In anticipation of England’s highly anticipated journey in the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament, the special departure show of Lionesses, titled “Down Under,” has officially commenced its daily broadcast.

The show, which will air throughout the entirety of the tournament, aims to provide fans with exclusive insights into the team’s experiences in Australia.

Presenter Kyle Walker, accompanied by guest host Abbie McCarthy, recently had the opportunity to catch up with three prominent Lionesses players: Millie Bright, Lucy Bronze, and Katie Zelem, prior to their departure for Australia this evening.

Lucy Bronze and Katie Zelem - Lionesses Down Under

The trio shed light on various aspects of their upcoming campaign, offering glimpses into their mindset and expectations as they embark on this prestigious sporting event.

During the show, Millie Bright expressed her exhilaration at the prospect of participating in the World Cup, remarking that it is a dream come true for any football player.

She acknowledged the diverse mix of experienced players returning for their second or third World Cup appearances, as well as those attending for the first time.

Bright emphasized the positive atmosphere within the team, citing their excitement to compete in a major tournament set against the backdrop of Australia’s captivating scenery.

Furthermore, Bright acknowledged the crucial role played by England’s ardent fan base, emphasizing the team’s efforts to maintain a strong connection with their supporters.

Recognizing the significant impact fans have had on their journey thus far, she expressed the team’s commitment to fostering this relationship throughout the tournament.

When discussing the logistics of packing for the training camp, Millie Bright playfully highlighted her teammate Rachel Daly’s peculiar choice of luggage content.

Daly, known for her meticulous preparations, surprised her colleagues by packing an entire bag filled with wires. While the rationale behind this decision remains a mystery, Bright couldn’t help but jest about the apparent indispensability of HDMI cables and adaptors that Daly considered necessary for the trip.

Lucy Bronze, another influential figure within the Lionesses squad, shared her profound adoration for the World Cup, describing it as her favourite tournament.

While acknowledging the team’s triumphant Euro campaign, Bronze underscored the sheer joy and excitement that accompanies the global extravaganza of the World Cup.

The heightened pressure and intense matches aside, she emphasized the sheer magnitude and electrifying atmosphere that engulfs the tournament. Bronze fondly recalled her previous World Cup experiences, cherishing the unforgettable moments both on and off the pitch, despite the team falling short of lifting the trophy.

With regard to their impending journey to Australia, Bronze’s primary concern was the long flight ahead, a sentiment shared by many.

Nevertheless, she maintained an optimistic outlook, eagerly anticipating the unique experience of visiting and competing in the captivating country.

Katie Zelem, a rising star in the Lionesses squad, reflected on her elation upon receiving the call-up for her first major tournament with the England team.

Recounting the moment, Zelem humorously admitted to being so fixated on her phone that she remained in her pyjamas for two hours, waiting for the call from manager Sarina Wiegman.

Delighted by the news, Zelem immediately shared her excitement with her parents, who were equally thrilled about her selection.

The atmosphere during the team’s send-off game was a source of great joy for Zelem. Recognizing that the tournament would keep them far from home, she cherished the opportunity to connect with fans, friends, and family during their final match in England. The support received during the send-off game further fueled the team’s determination to make their country proud.

In a lighthearted moment, Zelem humorously lamented being dubbed the “worst person to sit next to on a flight” during a recent Q&A session.

Although Zelem didn’t delve into the reasons behind this tongue-in-cheek title, it added a touch of humour to the team’s preparations and showcased the camaraderie among the players.

Adding to her list of responsibilities, Zelem proudly assumed the role of the team’s DJ. Recognizing the diverse musical tastes within the squad, she aimed to cater to everyone’s preferences, ensuring an enjoyable atmosphere during their travels.

Although she occasionally faced requests for song changes when venturing into the realm of R&B, Zelem understood the challenge of pleasing everyone and embraced the task with enthusiasm.

As the departure show, “Down Under,” continues its daily broadcast, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming episodes. With former England international Jill Scott set to join Kyle Walker as the main show host, the team’s arrival in Australia on July 19 will mark the beginning of an exciting new phase.

With the Lionesses’ departure imminent, the anticipation and excitement surrounding their FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign are palpable.

As they venture into the enchanting realm of Australia, the team remains focused, determined to showcase their skills on the global stage, and make their country proud.

The special departure show of Lionesses: Down Under – the daily broadcast airing for the duration of England’s FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament – is now live.