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What Are The Worlds Top Ten Favourite Diets?

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Whether for health, lifestyle or weight-loss, there are hundreds of diets to choose from, but which are the most popular in the world?

The team at Supplement Place have analysed diet trends and data around the world to discover the diets which have seen the biggest growth in popularity, which have lost our love and every countries favourite diet choice.

The research also reveals Slimming world is The UK’s most popular diet with 586,000 searches a month! 

The World’s Top 10 Favourite Diets;

DietGlobal Searches
Keto diet2,100,000
Weight Watchers1,600,000
Intermittent fasting1,100,000
Slimming World629,000
Dukan Diet535,000
Mediterranean diet440,000
Paleo diet301,000

The Top 5 Diets Gaining Popularity (Last 5 Years)

DietFive-Year Change in Search Interest
Dubrow Diet2646%
MIND diet2393%
Ketogenic diet1302%
Plant-based diet467%

The research also reveals the diets falling in popularity, with ‘The Eat-Clean Diet’ in top place with a decrease of -92% search increase.

It also reveals every country’s favourite diet with the keto diet the preferred choice in 105 of the 149 nations looked at.

The full report can be seen here.

Supplement Place have also teamed up with a Nutrition Coach, Jessica Shand to provide some expert advice on the dangers of dieting and fad diets:“The best advice for people wanting to lose weight is not to start restrictive diets or get sucked into the fads we’re bombarded with online and are sometimes impossible to avoid! 

Instead my advice would be to set clear and realistic intentions on what it is you want to achieve long term and that you will be able to enjoy (nobody wants something they dread doing, it’s no way to live!).

And remember, it’s how you choose to fuel your body that counts, how you decide to nourish your body with the foods it needs to thrive and make your wellbeing your top priority – they go hand in hand. 

Seek help and advice from qualified experts in nutrition and wellness and don’t go to social media influencers for advice when it comes to your health.

Good, well balanced and wholesome nutrition, proper sleep and regular exercise work together to deliver long-lasting results.

That will not only help you reach your goals but most importantly will help you feel your best and help you to thrive! 

Fad diets that promise quick fix weight loss are not the answer, they never were!”

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