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These Are The World’s Most Tennis-Obsessed Countries

female tennis player serving outdoor on professional tennis court.

As preparations gear up for the upcoming Davis Cup Finals in Malaga later this month (on the 21st of November), The Grueling Truth has delved deep into the data, uncovering the world’s top 10 tennis-loving nations.

The tennis fever that’s taken hold of Australia is nothing short of extraordinary, making it the most tennis-obsessed nation on the planet.

But the love for this sport is not confined to Down Under. Austria comes in second, showcasing their undeniable passion for tennis, followed closely by the United Kingdom, securing the third spot in the rankings. In the fourth position, we find Canada, where tennis enthusiasm runs high across the nation. And Ireland rounds out the top five, proving that tennis has a firm grip on enthusiasts in this country.

Beyond these top five countries with their enduring love for tennis, we see emerging nations making their mark in the tennis world. Serbia, for instance, has steadily climbed the ranks to secure the sixth position, largely thanks to the remarkable achievements of Novak Djokovic.

His dominance in the tennis world has not only made Serbia a significant player but has also inspired a new generation of tennis enthusiasts in the country.

Surprisingly, Spain, the host country for the upcoming Davis Cup Finals, didn’t make the Top 10 list. This indicates that, even though they may host the event, they are still striving to establish themselves as a tennis powerhouse.

A spokesperson from The Grueling Truth commented, “Australia leading the pack as the most tennis-loving country, even ahead of the usual tennis giants, shows how tennis has a unique way of bringing people from all over the world together.

With the Davis Cup on the horizon, this ranking underlines how tennis creates a shared passion for competition across diverse regions.”

tennis most obsessed countries

The methodology behind this ranking involved using Google Trends to track search interest from October 2022 to October 2023 for topics like tennis, tennis racquet, Wimbledon, Davis Cup, US Open, Australian Open, and Grand Slam.

The final list was determined by assessing the level of interest in these terms within each country.