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Withings Reintroduces Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement On Body Cardio Scales


Leaders in connected health Withings have announced the reintroduction of Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) measurements, an indicator of cardiovascular health, on its Body Cardio connected scales in Europe.

From today, users are once again able to get daily analysis of their PWV along with their weight, body composition (body fat, water %, muscle & bone mass), BMI and standing heart rate by simply stepping on the beautifully designed scale.

Widely recognized as a standalone indicator of cardiovascular health, PWV is a measurement of arterial stiffness, a key indicator of heart health and associated with risks of cardiac incidents such as hypertension, high cholesterol, organ failure, stroke and heart attack.

It is defined as the speed at which heartbeat-generated vibrations spread out along the arterial walls of the body’s circulation system. An elevated PWV is a sign of arterial stiffness and associated with higher blood pressure (as more force is required to circulate the blood), while lower PWV indicates greater artery flexibility and a sign of overall good heart health.

Originally launched in 2016, Body Cardio brought PWV analysis, which had traditionally been conducted in a clinical environment, into the home for the first time to help users to better understand their cardiovascular health and receive advice to make improvements.

This cutting edge technology brought medical grade capabilities to a non-medical device and pushed the boundaries of what global regulatory bodies had previously ruled on.

In January 2018, Withings voluntarily suspended PWV capabilities, while it sought clarification on how regulators would categorize this unique and advanced device.

Having worked closely with regulators in Europe and after carrying out its own legal review, Withings is assured no further regulatory approval is required in the EU, allowing it to reactivate this innovative feature. Discussions with US regulators are currently ongoing, and PWV will be reintroduced to American users as they conclude.

“I’m delighted to return PWV to European customers. Not only is it one of our customers’ most beloved features, it has the potential to make a huge impact in people’s lives as it gives the ability to receive a daily heart checkup simply by standing on a scale,” says Eric Carreel, president of Withings.

“Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death worldwide yet 90 percent are preventable. Returning PWV was one of my priorities when reacquiring Withings as it has an important role to play in addressing this health issue as it allows people to see their impact of daily lifestyles choices on heart health. I look forward to rolling out the feature to other regions as regulatory procedures allow.”

Way beyond the weigh – The world‘s most advanced connected scale Body Cardio is the most advanced Wi-Fi scale on the market, which provides a daily snapshot of overall health and wellbeing that goes way beyond weight. Its design and features are specifically created to help people to achieve and maintain health goals.

At just 0.7 inches thick, the sleek, footless design of the Body Cardio features tempered-glass, large customizable display and a flat aluminum base. Its proprietary

Position Control technology ensures the most accurate results regardless of where a user stands on the scale or places it in the home as it provides stable readings on any surface be that wood floors, tiles or carpets. It will even adjust for gravity depending on where in the world it happens to be!

Body Cardio provides a host of information every time people step on the scale. As well as weight, it will also measure, track and provide analysis of body composition (body fat, water %, muscle & bone mass), BMI, standing heart rate and PWV. In addition, it has a range of advanced features including:

• Pregnancy Tracker – A mode for expectant mothers that provides personalized

tracking and offers obstetrician-reviewed wellness advice

• Baby Mode – Allows parents to easily weigh their little one just by stepping on

the scale with baby in their arms

• Family Mode – Up to 8 profiles can be synched to one device for the whole family to use

• Athletic Mode – Optimizes the scale for performance athletes and for those who work out more than 8 hours a week and have a resting heart rate of below 60 bpm

• Weather Updates – Daily weather reports on screen to help inform users of the day ahead

• Step Tracking – An activity tracker can be paired with the scale, allowing the previous day’s step total to be reviewed on the scale screen

• Long battery life – 12 month rechargeable battery

Body Cardio displays all of its data on its screen as well as in more detail within the accompany Health Mate App that it connects to via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth. Data within the app can be tracked over time while providing ongoing analysis, motivation and advice.

For PWV, the app will provide an indication of whether a user’s PWV is normal, optimal or at risk as well as lifestyle modifications to improve cardiovascular health such as losing weight, engaging in physical exercise and limiting salt and alcohol intake.

Finally, within the Health Mate app, users can customize what measurements and information appear on the Body Cardio display as well as the order in which they are shown.


Withings Body Cardio is available in black and white for £129.95 on, Amazon, at Apple stores and in local retailers. PWV measurements will be available from April 16, 2019 onwards in Europe. Existing customers will receive the new capability as an over-the-air update.