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Glazers Looking To Sell Manchester United, Who Could Take Over?

manchester united stadium fisheye view

Recently, we have witnessed the explosive exit of Manchester United’s CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo, following his surprise interview, which has since gone viral, with Piers Morgan.

Naturally, the club has since announced that he is no longer part of the team and that he is “to leave Man Utd by mutual agreement, with immediate effect” to which Ronaldo acknowledged himself by saying “Following the conversation with Manchester United, we have mutually agreed to end our contract early”.

The tell-all style interview has created a dent in Manchester United’s image as a Football club and left many fans feeling mixed emotions.

Many fans are however happy to hear that the Glazers are actively looking for a potential buyer to take over the club; with hopes that this will be the beginning of a fresh start for a club that has been seen as in decline in the last decade. 

Potential buyers:

According to various sources, there are a number of buyers and entities interested in acquiring Manchester United. Most surprising of them all is Apple Inc.

According to the Daily Star the Tech giant has expressed interest in buying the club. Speaking of American tech giants, Elon Musk who heads Tesla and Twitter has jokingly told fans he would buy Man United.

The timing of these surprising potential buyers is no coincidence, since the value of the Pound has dropped dramatically in the last few years, it makes more business sense to acquire British assets now than ever.

So much so that investors as far as Australia are trying to jump in on the action as Brexit opens visa and business opportunities to commonwealth nations not seen previously.

One can look to Wigan Athletic as a recent example. Luckily, thanks to Forex trading, one can take advantage of these currency fluctuations without the need to be part of a large group of investors.

Likely scenario:

Knowing how big this deal is, it’s unlikely we will see a homegrown billionaire take over the club and it’s also unlikely the sale will be swift. An optimistic timeline for the sale would be in the summer of 2023 which would be in time for the start of the transfer window.

Since the sale will more likely go in favour of the highest bidder, it’s hard to tell at this stage who the next owners are as several billionaires and corporations indicated interest.

One thing fans can expect however is a fresh start for Manchester United down the line with renewed hopes of attaining the Premier League trophy once again.