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What Common Ground Do Singles Look For In Their New Partner

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Be it diets, hobbies or friends, having something in common is usually a good starting point for a strong relationship.

But how important are shared interests to singles really? That is what dating app Jaumo ( wanted to find out. Jaumo asked 365,000 of its users in 25 countries all over the world.

A similar age is not that important

While for some a more significant age difference is a big no-no, over 63% of those surveyed said that age differences did not matter to them at all. In the UK, the average is even higher, nearly 70% of men and 67% of the women Jaumo asked had no issues with age gaps.

Worldwide, Dutch men are the ones who worry the least about age differences, with three quarters saying they do not mind, followed by Belgian men and women with 74% and Austrian men and women with 73%. US men (65%) and women (60%) are broadly happy with age gaps.

Women in Brazil, however, see that very differently: 63% want their partner to be of a similar age. In Italy, a partner’s age matters more to women than men.

Only one in three women is open to a relationship with an age gap, while two in three men say that is fine with them.

Going on holiday on their own divides opinions

Most couples probably would not think twice, going on holiday is something they want to do together. Surprisingly, 53% of those surveyed said that they would happily go on holiday on their own or let their partner have a holiday on their own.

Topping the list of those who do not mind holidays apart are again the Dutch, with nearly 73%. In second place are Egypt and Russia (69% respectively).

Women in Brazil are quite clear about holiday time being time spent with their partners. Only 30% of Brazilian women would not mind a holiday apart.

The picture is similar in Portugal, where 65% of women want a romantic holiday, and in Columbia it is 62% of women.

In Britain, 63% of women and 53% of men said that they did not find it that important to always go on holidays together. The majority of US singles rejects the concept of separate holidays, with 47% of men and women saying no to the idea.

Credit: Cristiana Rivers

Most want hobbies to be something they can enjoy with their partner

Hobbies are what many people spend a lot of time on, so many say that this time should be spent with their partner. Turkish singles are the ones to whom that matters the most (64%). Over 60% of Brazilian singles, however, like having their own hobbies. In Poland, opinions vary widely: two in three men say sharing a hobby is important, while only 44% of women would agree with that.

In the UK, the majority of men (58%) and women (67%) want to share their hobby with their partner, although the figures also show that men are more inclined than women to have their own hobbies. The average figure across men and women in the UK is well above the 56% average across the 25 countries surveyed. In the US it is below the average, with 50% of both men and women stating sharing hobbies is important to them.

Children from previous relationships: especially men do not mind at all

Starting their own family can be a couple’s most important desire but how many people actually worry about a partner bringing children into the relationship? The figures reveal that the majority of men (57%) but only a minority of women (45%) are open to partners with children from previous relationships.

In Russia, nearly 69% of men said they would not mind starting a relationship with a woman who has already got a child or children with another men. Nearly two thirds of British men and women are open to partners with children.

Slightly more women (66%) than men (61%) said they would not mind dating someone with children. In the US, 58% of men and 59% of women are ok with a new partner with kids from a previous relationship.

Shared interests are important but opposites attract

Overall, the survey shows that singles do look for some common ground but do not feel that they need to share everything with their new partner. They are happy to spend a little bit of time apart, even go on holiday separately. Generally speaking, women are more relaxed about what they share with their partner than men. The survey of 365,000 Jaumo users was carried out over a four-week period and users were given the choice to agree or disagree.

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