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Wahoo Announces Proprietary Sports Science Facility Dedicated To Shaping The Future Of Connected Fitness Technology

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Fitness technology company Wahoo, has announced the launch of its proprietary Sports Science facility in Boulder, Colorado – led by world renowned and respected coaches, sports scientists and specialists.

Wahoo’s vision is to be the global leader in smart fitness and training – this facility will further its goal of ‘building the better athlete in all of us’ by combining research, expertise, and testing through physiology, biomechanics of movement, nutrition and sports psychology to consistently deliver leading hardware innovations and training solutions across Wahoo’s physical and digital products. 

Through a comprehensive connected indoor and outdoor ecosystem, Wahoo provides athletes consistent tools and resources to achieve their goals, however, and wherever they choose to train.

Wahoo is focused on providing top-of-the-line products and offerings and addressing the ever-evolving needs of athletes.

This new facility will be at the forefront of driving and informing future innovations – leveraging expert insights and analytics focusing on personalized training, data insights, knowledge and sports science protocol to inform the world of connected fitness. 

“We’re excited to be launching Wahoo’s new Sports Science Center, which is dedicated to enhancing athletic performance by integrating leading-edge sports science with our comprehensive ecosystem of products and services,” said Wahoo CEO Mike Saturnia.

“Wahoo’s products and services are backed by years of research and data analysis and have always been a driving force in what we provide for our athletes.

It is a big milestone to have a dedicated sports science hub for our team and we’re thrilled to provide continued innovation that enables our athletes to grow, evolve and achieve their goals.”

The launch of Wahoo’s new Sports Science facility comes after the recent launch of its new multi-channel app subscription, Wahoo X – which helps endurance athletes achieve results faster, through world-class training content created by the Wahoo Sports Science team.

Wahoo X makes it simple to access two completely unique training apps through one account – Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT. SYSTM offers immersive, integrated structured workouts, while RGT is the next generation of virtual cycling – focusing on bringing the core of outdoor cycling indoors, empowering cyclists around the globe to train, ride, race, and explore.

The Wahoo Sports Science Center team also hosts ‘The Knowledge’ podcast from its facility in Boulder – providing listeners short, informative episodes with a deep dive into sports science – which can be incorporated into listeners’ own training practices.

The Wahoo team is led by Head of Sports Science, Neal Henderson. Additional team members include Dr. Ginger Gottschall, director of applied research; Mac Cassin, senior sports scientist; Rupert Harold, operations manager; and Jeff Hoobler, strength and movement specialist.

“I’m thrilled to be leading the Wahoo Sports Science team as we grow and expand the applications of sport science within Wahoo hardware and software ecosystem.” Said Henderson.

“We have assembled a fabulous team of knowledgeable, experienced, passionate team members working out of our world-class sports science facility in Boulder and we are excited to continue to help build the better athlete in all of us.”

For additional information on the Wahoo Sports Science Center, visit and to listen to the Knowledge Podcast visit