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Partners Call On Lovers To Fight The Fuzz For A Red-Hot Valentine’s Day

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By David SaundersUPDATED: 05:28, 03 February 2020

The trend for hair-free living continues to soar with one in five (22%) admitting they will spend on average £7,560 in their adult lifetime removing unwanted hair – the equivalent of a small car!

And it appears that it’s more important than ever for those hoping to get lucky this Valentine’s Day.

In fact, research from DestinationSkin has revealed that almost a quarter of women (23%) are turned off by their partner’s hairy back leading to one in five (18%) choosing to cosy up to their pet this February 14th instead.

Meanwhile, 23% of men will only get close and personal with their partner if they’re feeling silky smooth with hairy legs (18%), underarms (16%) and toes (11%) being the biggest turn offs!

Not surprisingly over half of Brits (64%) will spend two days a year, equating to five months of their entire lifetime, removing unwanted body hair. Although it’s not all bad as facial hair remains on the lust list for 40% – that’s as long as it’s not a moustache!

However, if you’re struggling to sleep with a particularly hairy partner or are reluctant to spend thousands on ensuring your lady lawn remains well-groomed over the years, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a solution – and for some, it’s considered the holy grail of hair removal.

Dr Toni Phillips, from DestinationSkin comments, “There is no known solution that can provide absolute permanent hair removal, where all hairs are removed indefinitely, but laser hair removal comes pretty close and will permanently remove the hairs it successfully targets during treatment. In fact, laser hair removal can provide a permanent hair reduction of up to 90% after a course of approximately six to eight treatment sessions.”

Laser Hair Removal Offer:

DestinationSkin is exclusively offering readers up to 50% off single area laser hair removal courses. The offers start from £103 for 3 sessions (30% discount), £176 for 6 sessions (40% discount) or £220 for 9 sessions (50% discount)!

To take advantage of this offer, book your treatment before 14th February and quote DSLHR20 at time of booking. Treatment can be redeemed at any time.

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