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Umbro X One Future Football: A Unique Strategic Partnership In World Football

One Future Football

Umbro has entered a new strategic partnership with A.I. Football League, One Future Football.

This exciting collaboration will see the iconic sports brand become the exclusive Official Ball Partner of One Future Football. Commencing immediately with One Future Football Season 2 kicking off on Friday 20th October, the deal will see all matches played out with the Neo Swerve Pro at the centre of the action.

One Future Football is a virtual, AI-driven football league. 264 players compete for 12 clubs each season. The big difference is that the football doesn’t take place inside stadiums but instead, each result is generated through an A.I. Match Engine that takes in tens of thousands of data points and runs millions of calculations to create every shot, save, tackle, foul and goal.

“At Umbro, we’ve always strived to be at the forefront of technological advancements, and we listen to fans and how they’re consuming football. One Future Football has quickly found a connection with young football fans around the world, and we see an opportunity to be a big part of its development,” said Anthony LiYle, Managing Director of Umbro.

“One Future Football has the opportunity to connect with a new generation of football fans and bring them into the game that we all love. 

They are creating the heroes of tomorrow, players that use their pla[orm for good, that fans can connect with on social media and in entirely new ways that have never been possible before.”

Peter Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of One Future Football said “Umbro is an iconic brand with unparalleled authenticity in the world of football. It’s a dream to work with a company with such history but also so much happening right now.

We’ve been operating for a year now and it’s great to partner with Umbro and be able to say we have a combined 100 years of experience!”

“Umbro considers its impact on the environment wherever possible with its products and we knew this would resonate with our fan base.

The Neo Swerve Pro ball was an easy choice for One Future Football because of its Polyurethane outer casing made from recycled plastic. As a league, we’re committed to making positive choices for the planet wherever we can. It’s important for our fans that our partners share the same view”.

In addition to the ball partnership, Umbro will directly sponsor two One Future Football athletes, representing an exciting innovation for the brand.