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How Tom Brady Trained His Brain To Remain As Sharp As Ever

Tom Brady scaled

This past summer when Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many questioned if the future hall of fame quarterback would see as much success in a new city with a new offensive system, coaches, and teammates. 

For any that did question it, Brady’s last win for the Buccaneers saw the veteran Quarterback secure his record tenth Super Bowl appearance by upsetting the #1 seeded Green Bay Packers would have put paid to the doubters’ thoughts.

And if he hasn’t already, Brady will have a chance to put those questions to bed when he takes on the Kansas City Chiefs for his seventh Lombardi Trophy.

Most people know of Brady’s greatness, but few know the role that neuroscience has played in keeping Brady productive on the field for all these years. 

Brady is a football player who, like other players, has suffered multiple concussions, but unlike most other football players, has found a way to rise above the game’s inherent assault on the body and especially the brain.

As part of his TB12 Method, Brady stays mentally sharp using cognitive exercises from BrainHQ.   

Brady credits BrainHQ with giving him a competitive edge, allowing him to process the field split-seconds faster than his competition even into his forties. 

BrainHQ has been shown in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies to improve cognition, attention, decision-making, brain speed, memory, intelligence, and even people skills. If you want to learn more about keeping your brain mentally sharp, head over to

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