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WW’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Gary Foster Releases New Book THE SHIFT: 7 Powerful Mindset Changes for Lasting Weight Loss

The shift jacket cover

Last updated on October 6th, 2021 at 04:39 PM

WW International, Inc. announce the release of THE SHIFT: 7 Powerful Mindset Changes for Lasting Weight Loss (St. Martin’s Press, Available as a hardcover, ebook, and audiobook; Pub Date: October 5, 2021), by WW’s Chief Scientific Officer Gary Foster, PhD.

The new book launched today as an instant bestseller, finding its way to bestseller lists at Barnes & Noble and Amazon before officially hitting bookstore shelves.

THE SHIFT is not about what to eat or not eat. It’s not about when to eat. It’s about building thinking habits, proven through science, that help you lose weight and live a healthier life.

Dr. Foster’s 7 Mindset Shifts show you why —and how—to treat yourself in a way that feels better and primes you for success.

The techniques in each chapter, built on years of research in cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology, can lead to results on the scale—but, more importantly, in one’s own thinking that has an impact well beyond the scale. 

“This book debunks the myths that continue to overwhelm the subject of weight loss, while also sharing fundamental shifts that turn diet thinking upside down – all backed and proven by scientific research,” says Dr. Foster. “THE SHIFT reinforces that a weight loss or wellness journey is not about changing yourself.

You are not your weight. You are not your body. The mindset-shift techniques in this book are designed to help you lose weight, get healthier, and feel better—not change who you are.

You must already value who you are; self-compassion fuels the journey towards success.” 

The evidence-based mindset shifts detailed in the book include:

  • Embracing self-compassion and what it does for you
  • Building helpful thinking styles
  • Setting goals and forming habits
  • Leaning into your strengths
  • Valuing your body
  • Finding your people
  • Experiencing happiness and gratitude before reaching your goal

“I am so grateful to Gary for his years of work and research that went into this new indispensable book,” said Mindy Grossman, President, and CEO at WW.

“At WW, we are focused on supporting members with a science-based approach which includes having a more helpful and compassionate mindset.

This book will help readers – both WW members and non-members alike – as they learn more about how they can shift their mindset to achieve and appreciate their best selves.”

Since 2015, mindset has been a key pillar of the WW program because it can help members make and sustain behavior changes that improve overall health and wellness.

WW takes learnings from cognitive behavioural, acceptance-based, and positive psychology sciences to offer curriculum and content that helps members develop awareness, shift how they think about the journey and shift how they think about themselves. 

THE SHIFT is available now wherever books are sold. For more information, or to order your copy, please visit bit.ly/wwtheshift

About the Author

Gary Foster, Ph.D., is the Chief Scientific Officer at WW (formerly Weight Watchers International). He is the founder and former director of the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University and served as clinical director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where is currently an adjunct professor. He is the author of over 250 scientific publications on the psychology, causes, and treatment of obesity.