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The North Face Introduces The Enchanted Trails Collection

the north face enchanted tails

Introducing the Enchanted Trails collection, a mesmerizing fusion of innovation and style brought to you by The North Face.

Prepare to embark on a transformative running experience that will elevate every aspect of your journey, whether you prefer solitary adventures or revel in the camaraderie of a running community.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of the high desert, Enchanted Trails pays homage to its fastest inhabitant: the elusive roadrunner.

These magnificent birds, with their sleek, aerodynamic bodies and slender legs, effortlessly traverse the ground at speeds surpassing those of humans.

Channelling their untamed spirit, the collection not only equips you with technically advanced gear designed for speed and endurance on any trail but also envelops you in a captivating array of desert and tropical-inspired colourways and printed silhouettes.

Immerse yourself in the magic hour, as Enchanted Trails captures the ethereal beauty of running through captivating landscapes.

In embracing the heritage of The North Face, the Enchanted Trails collection resonates with the rebellious spirit that has defined the brand since its inception in 1966 San Francisco.

Carrying forward the ethos of making the outdoors accessible to individuals from all walks of life and abilities, this collection rekindles the pioneering flame that continues to burn brightly.

Step into the Enchanted Trails collection and experience a refreshing twist on The North Face’s running essentials, revamped with vibrant tropical colourways that infuse your explorations with a renewed sense of excitement.

Unleash your potential with the Limitless Run Shorts, indulge in the sleek protection of the Run Wind Jacket, and carry your essentials effortlessly with the stylish run belt. Complete your ensemble with the iconic bucket hat, embodying the essence of trail running with every stride.

The North Face Enchanted Collection

Prepare to make a statement with the Enchanted Trails collection’s technologically advanced shoes, guaranteed to turn heads and elevate your performance. Stand out from the crowd with energetic prints that showcase your individuality and daring spirit.

Witness the unparalleled power of the Summit VECTIV™ Pro, the pinnacle of race-day footwear from The North Face. Designed to optimize stability, these shoes have been rigorously tested and proven in the crucible of high-stakes racing.

Discover the VECTIV™ Infinite 2, featuring oversized lugs and a durable upper that provide enhanced protection and a responsive grip, empowering you to conquer even the most treacherous terrains.

  • Summit VECTIV™ Pro – The most advanced race-day shoe The North Face offers, these shoes are race-proven and optimise stability.
  • VECTIV™ Infinite 2 – Oversized lugs and a durable upper provide a reinforced design offering protection and responsive grip.
  • VECTIV™ Eminus – Providing long-lasting comfort, the footplate, midsole rocker geometry and SurfaceCTRL™ grip offer an ultra-light yet supportive shoe.

For long-lasting comfort without compromising performance, the VECTIV™ Eminus beckons. Crafted with an ultra-light yet supportive design, its footplate, midsole rocker geometry, and SurfaceCTRL™ grip ensure a blissful journey that defies limits.

The enchantment begins on May 16, 2023, as the Enchanted Trails collection becomes available for purchase at and select The North Face stores.

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Embrace the magic, seize the trails, and unlock the extraordinary with The North Face’s Enchanted Trails collection.