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The Health Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Festival First Aid

Festival season is upon us once again. If you’re planning to dig out your wellies and dust off your tent for some fun in a field, make sure you pack the ultimate first aid multi-tasker!

Insect Bites and Stings

Going back to nature and partying in the great outdoors can be fun but pesky insects can rock up to ruin the party.

Take the sting and itch out of insect bites by applying directly to the skin or for more sensitive skin, add a few drops to carrier oil and apply.

Sore Throat

If the singing has taken its toll and you can feel the tingle of a sore throat coming on, mix 2-3 drops into a glass of warm water, and gargle with it to help fight infection and soothe inflammation, whilst helping to ease the pain.

Sore Muscles

After your friends see how useful your trusty bottle of tea tree is you might struggle to keep hold of it but keep it safe for when you return as it will be great to relax your body when you’re all danced out.

The anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe sore muscles.

Add 10 drops, along with a large handful of Epsom salts, to a warm bath and soak for 30 minutes

Keeping the tent clean

Fill a spray bottle with 15-20 drops of tea tree oil and the rest of the bottle with water. Use this to keep your tent spic and span and smelling fresh.


If you’ve been lucky with the weather but haven’t kept your sun protection topped up, add a few drops of tea tree oil to coconut oil or aloe vera gel to soothe and calm sunburn.

Spots and Blemishes

You’ve planned your festival fashion perfectly but a dread spot arrives to ruin your flawless make-up?

Fear not, tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial that can improve the appearance of skin blemishes.

Just dab onto the affected area with a clean cotton bud.

Cuts and Grazes

Overenthusiastic dancing resulted in a tumble?

Don’t worry! A natural, antibacterial essential oil, it is safe to use on open cuts. It even has a slightly anaesthetic effect!

Thursday Plantation is the World’s number 1 Tea Tree oil brand and Australia’s original tea tree oil. The plantation was the first to emerge in the world nearly 40 years ago, pioneering quality standards to create this most effective 100% tea tree oil that is traceable from tree to bottle.

Distilled from specially selected Melaleuca altnernifolia leaves, a plant native to the coastal regions of Northern South Wales and south-eastern Queensland, Australia, this 100% pure and naturally sourced antibacterial liquid is your multi-tasking must have in a bottle!

Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure RRP (£9.99 for 25ml bottle) is nature’s powerful antibacterial medicine kit in a bottle.

This tiny bottle will combine the work of many of the other products that will take up valuable space in your bag.

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful, natural antibacterial, which inhibits a broad spectrum of bacteria to cleanse and protect skin abrasions and blemishes, calm insect bites, and even soothe sunburn if the sun does happen to shine.

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