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Owen O’Kane Is Back With New Book “Ten Times Happier”

Psychotherapist, former NHS mental health clinical lead and Sunday Times bestselling author Owen O’Kane is to release Ten Times Happier on 14th May with HQ, HarperCollins.

A book dedicated to every one of Owen’s clients that have shared their stories with him and allowed him to help them, Owen believes that we can all be happier.

Where his debut book, Ten To Zen, focused on quietening the mind, this one takes it up a notch and looks at how we can learn to let go of what’s holding us back.

Based on Owen’s 25 years of NHS experience, Owen has seen people suffer, and has identified ten key sticking points in our lives, which make up the ten chapters of the book, coming up with advice on how to turn things around:

Chapter 6: Unhelpful Behaviours

Chapter 7: Blaming

Chapter 8: Comparing

Chapter 9: Addiction to Drama

Chapter 10: The Future

Chapter 1: The Past

Chapter 2: The Mind

Chapter 3: Regrets

Chapter 4: Worry

Chapter 5: Other People

All of these behaviours and pre-occupations contribute significantly to feelings of unhappiness and Owen believes that by engaging with each one, you’ll have the opportunity to be happier than when you started the book.

”A Refreshingly practical guide to finding joy every day”

Susanna Reid

You will work through a four-step process for dealing with each area by looking at:

1) Why you are struggling and what the underlying psychological processes are
2) Solutions for how to move forward
3) What commitment is required
4) How this will improve your life and contribute to your happiness

Through opening up on his own difficult experience, the experiences of his patients, and using his clinical training, this book is a no-jargon approach to improving our mental wellbeing, and comes from an expert who’s words we should take as gospel.

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