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Could The TECHNOGYM Bike Be One Of The Best Bespoke at-Home Fitness Solutions

Technogym bike day 1Rebel

The TECHNOGYM Bike is already trending in 2020, so could it be your answer to the ultimate fitness regime in the comfort of your own home?

Leading designer of luxury gym equipment and fitness solutions, Technogym, launched Technogym Bike as the first product to be integrated in the Technogym Live platform

With Technogym Bike you can choose your favourite indoor-cycling class streamed from fitness studios around the world at home, at a hotel, at the club or at work.

From the console, you can choose your favourite channel – based on trainer, music and duration – and join live classes or a series available from the comprehensive on-demand library.

The different channels offer training sessions from different studios in different languages and cultures: from London with 1Rebel, from Milan with Revolution by Virgin Active, and, with more to come directly from Technogym and other fitness studios in Europe, United States and Asia.

The TECHNOGYM LIVE platform has been developed starting from the “Wellness on the go” strategy that led to the development of a seamless and integrated ecosystem made of smart equipment, mywellness cloud and apps. The Technogym Ecosystem is today active in 15,000 fitness and wellness centres across the world and provides millions of people a personalized training experience anytime, anywhere: at the gym, at home and at work.

Bike Benefits:

• Quick resistance settings

• Choose your favourite virtual instructors, studios and class settings in an instant with the 22” HD screen

• Designed for a real riding experience

• Spin your wheels with riders from all over the world

• The most fluid and quiet pedaling ever for optimum comfort

• Durable and adaptable – thanks to its quick setting, it adapts to your body in seconds

Technogym Bike can be purchased for £2,450 on or at Technogym’s luxury space at Harrods.

Nerio Alessandri, Technogym’s Founder and CEO, comments:

“Technogym LIVE represents a key milestone of growth and 4.0 innovation in the industry; Over the last 35 years, innovation has been a key priority for TECHNOGYM to make fitness and wellness grow, to create unique and irresistible experiences for the end users and to guarantee value to operators in a strategic partnership perspective.

Thanks to its Apple-like model, TECHNOGYM continues to be the only company to have an ecosystem, made up of innovative technology, Italian design, engaging services and content.

The TECHNOGYM digital Ecosystem, already used by over 10 million people in the world allows, on the one hand, operators to evolve their business model and to be different and better and, on the other hand, it allows the end user to live unique experiences for different passions, in fitness, sport, and health-related needs.” 

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