Squirrel Sisters are on a mission!


Sisters Gracie & Sophie Tyrrell have been on a mission to help people since the start of their Squirrel Sisters Blog back in 2014.

When the two everyday girls next door started to write about their love of health, wellness, food and how it makes people feel, the blog began to gain a large following extremely quickly as their readership connected with them and their mission even whilst they maintained their busy lives.

So from the success of the Squirrel Sisters blog they quickly saw an opportunity to turn it into a business, and a thriving business it has become. After much planning and preparation they launched their snack bars in November 2015, which they already had the recipes for as Gracie used to make them for Sophie due to her Gluten - intolerance.

With no investment to date Gracie and Sophie have quickly turned Squirrel Sisters into an award winning brand (3 Great Taste Awards, The Women’s Health BEST bar/ball snack award 2018, The Bronze Free From Award, The Veggie ‘Best Snack’), innovative in format, beautifully packaged and delicious which is a fabulous achievement in this very competitive category.

After launching into Waitrose less than a year ago, the Sisters have recently received the exciting news that Waitrose are doubling their store numbers...

One of Waitrose’s key objectives is to bring authentic and natural products to their consumers; one of the ways that they’re doing this is by championing the Squirrel Sisters’ products, not only by doubling the store listings, but also by featuring their products in the highly sought after checkout display areas for 5 weeks following the Easter period; another sign of Waitrose commitment to bring authentic and natural products to the consumer.

Small brands like Squirrel Sisters are trying to make a difference but visibility on the shelves often comes down to which brands have the biggest marketing budget, so it’s great to see Waitrose supporting start-ups and prioritising the needs and health of their consumers, not just making decisions based on how much a brand will pay them.  

And you would think that would be enough for the girls, but not only are they entrepreneurs in their own right, they are also authors, having recently published their cookbook, Naturally Delicious Snacks & Treats, which has just been named in the top 9 best healthy cookbooks by The Independent.

Squirrel Sisters on-the-go bars are for people that are hungry for easy, energising, positive choices. Choices that feel good to make. Choices you don’t need to think twice about

The girls are on a mission to help you TREAT YOUR HEALTH... because they believe healthy doesn't have to be tasteless or restrictive. It can be indulgent and delicious!

The Award-winning food comes certified by Sugarwise in Gluten-free, Vegan, Raw, Grain-free, 100% natural, Made with the highest quality, whole ingredients and No added sugar.