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Digital Marketing Company SocialAmp Backed By KM Capital Announces Record Profits Representing Some Of The World’s Biggest Brands

SocialAmp team

UK digital marketing company SocialAmp has announced record profits as the company begins global expansion.

Founded in 2017, SocialAmp provides paid digital services to its impressive client list with brands including Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, MTV, Nickelodeon, Cernucci and Billionaire Boys Club.

From Facebook, Instagram and TikTok ads to Google Search and Display, the SocialAmp team has used their knowledge and experience in every area of performance marketing in the digital space to quickly become one of the UK’s market leaders.

Founded by four ex-Facebook employees, Matt Collino, 31, Scott McKenna, 31, Andrew Scrase, 31, and Tom Scrase, 30, have a collective of 15 plus years working for the social media behemoth Facebook. 

SocialAmp has just recorded 67 percent year-on-year growth with £1.5million profit. They are on track for £5m profit by the end of the next financial year eyeing a public offering within three years

With the founders unique knowledge and the experience of working directly on projects with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Baroness Nicola Mendelssohn the Vice President of meta’s Global Business Group they already represent over 20 household brands. 

SocialAmp, with early investment from KM Capital, has quickly established themselves as the go-to agency across many industries from Fashion to Gambling, Entertainment to Pharmaceutical.

Based in London and Glasgow, the SocialAmp team continues to expand and support businesses globally with ten employees which will increase to 20 by mid-2023

Scott McKenna spent seven years working for Facebook & Instagram (Meta), Scott was a part of the company’s growth from pre-IPO to the mammoth organisation it became. 

During his time there Scott took on a host of roles, from leading the company’s UK advertising operations in the early days of the platform’s monetisation efforts to being the point of contact for celebrities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

Scott said: “We’re dedicated to be helping clients harness the power of digital platforms through effective and tailored ad strategies.

All four of us have distinguished backgrounds in digital marketing, social media and consultancy. We know exactly how to take businesses to the next level and maximise digital performance.”

Tom Scrase, formerly Amazon helping to scale its advertising business and latterly Facebook working across global clients, specialises in e-commerce and performance marketing space to drive strong results for their vast array of clients.

Tom said: “It’s been so rewarding being able to take the knowledge and experience gained through the years working with some of the largest advertisers in the world and apply that to businesses of all shapes and sizes at SocialAmp. I’ll never get tired of seeing the positive impact we continue to have on all businesses we work with.”

Matt Collino gained invaluable experience at small marketing agencies and the banking sector before he moved to what was the largest Facebook (Meta) page at the time ‘Unilad’ where he ran all the paid social activities helping Unilad to deliver on its campaign objectives for various clients as their media partner. Matt finally found himself working at Meta within the EMEA marketing team. 

Matt said: “It’s great working within an industry where we can really highlight our value as a team, as businesses see their return on investment grow on their digital marketing channels.

We’ve been extremely driven to provide a working relationship where we are seen as an extension of the internal team rather than a typical external agency.

This has helped us create long-standing relationships and understandings of our clients’ businesses to help them to be as efficient as possible and drive their growth.”

Andrew Scrase started his career as an ad sales data analyst at Twitter which led to a move to Facebook working with many high-profile celebrities as well as the biggest news and media partners, music labels and sports teams.

Andrew worked on marketing projects with the highest-profile individuals within the business, from Nicola Mendelsohn to Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Andrew said: “It is fantastic being involved in a business that stretches across so many different industries and witnessing the impact the pandemic has had on numerous fields.

SocialAmp is in a position to help companies transition to digital and survive the pandemic. Being part of their journey has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us and has felt like a real privilege to have had the responsibility to help so many businesses get through those tough moments and explore new areas of opportunity.”

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