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Jack Grealish And Olivier Giroud Crowned Winners Of The Estenove Male Soccer Players Hairstyle Of The Year Award

Jack Grealish and Olivier Giroud

Manchester City F.C.’s Jack Grealish and AC Milan’s Olivier Giroud are used to winning plaudits on the pitch – but now they have been crowned winners of a new annual award to find the bearers of soccer’s most attractive hairstyle.

In the domestic category, Grealish, who became famous for his slicked-back undercut, came out on top in the Estenove Soccer Players’ Hairstyle of the Year award for his recent restyling to a shorter, reworked look.

In the international category, Giroud won for what is known technically as a ‘disconnected pompadour with a drop fade’ hairstyle.

A pompadour hairstyle is defined by a dramatic, voluminous sweep of hair lifted up and back from the forehead.

This men’s hairstyle is named after Madame de Pompadour, an 18th-century noblewoman and mistress to King Louis XV of France, who wore her hair swept up from her face in what was then a daring bouffant style.

Millions of people around the world tune in to watch the world’s leading football teams do battle, so it is no wonder some footballers go to great lengths to make sure their hair is on point.

Giroud has spoken about his pride in his appearance on the pitch, saying: “I bring my own grooming kit to the game… moisturiser, gel and shampoo. I like to take care of myself.”

Judges selected a variety of types of hairstyles from a shortlist of 100 domestic and international players, making sure different styles were represented.

Other names in the top fives of both categories included Real Madrid’s Eduardo Camavinga, who recently opened his own hair salon in Madrid, and Hannibal Mejbri, on loan to Sevilla from Manchester United, who boasts of never cutting his hair and calls his loose Afro hairstyle “beautiful.”

Top 5 Soccer Players Hairstyle of the Year (Domestic):

  1. Jack Grealish – Manchester City F.C.
  2. Hannibal Mejbri  – Manchester United
  3. Antonee Robinson – Fulham F.C.
  4. Declan Rice – Arsenal F.C.
  5. Julian Alvarez – Manchester City F.C.

Top 5 Soccer Players Hairstyle of the Year (International):

  1. Olivier Giroud – AC Milan
  2. Eduardo Camavinga – Real Madrid
  3. Lionel Messi – Inter Miami
  4. Marcos Llorente – Atlético de Madrid
  5. Dayne St. Clair – Minnesota United F.C.

Batuhan Kizilcan, founder of hair transplant clinic Estenove, which sponsored the awards, said: “From our experience, a beautiful head of hair can transform people’s social and professional lives.

“That’s why hair loss can be so devastating for people, and why it’s so important that people understand that it is now essentially a reversible condition thanks to the improvement in transplant techniques.

Soccer players are global icons watched by millions, so it’s no surprise that many of them pride themselves on being well-groomed.”

The energy of soccer, with all the running and regular exposure to outdoor elements, can pose significant challenges to hairstyles and hair health. But our winners have absurdly good hairstyles.

“Jack Grealish has long been known for his glossy mane of hair with its undercut and Alice band, but his recent, shorter restyle is going to be a trendsetter this year.”

“Olivier Giroud, meanwhile, is famous as one of the most stylish men in sport. He has redefined the pompadour hairstyle which was first popularised in the 1950s by stars like Elvis Presley and James Dean. It remains one of the most stylish and variable men’s hairstyles.”

Estenove is based in Istanbul and is one of Europe’s leading providers of quality hair transplants. Last year, they welcomed an influx of clients in the 25-34 age group, which became their largest demographic.

Estenove noted a surge in requests to emulate the looks of celebrities including Johnny Depp and Prince Harry.

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