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The Top Three Sexiest Celebrities With Beards

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Nearly a third of all UK men are growing a beard during the coronavirus lockdown, according to a new survey conducted.

The astonishing fact (30.4%) shows that the lockdown is allowing men to experiment with facial hair in the way they’ve always wanted.

From the survey conducted that means that over seven million men are currently growing a beard.

Before the Coronavirus lockdown there was approximately 5.3m men who had a beard. But it seems that we’ve now fallen back in love with facial hair.

The survey also shows that nearly a half (47.5%) of the British public believe that men with beards look sexier, more masculine and more powerful than others.

The survey was conducted on 1,000 British people by Danish beard grooming company, Copenhagen Grooming, who’ve seen the demand for their products increase by 278% during the coronavirus lockdown from February 21st – April 21st 2020.

And it’s no surprise that the top three sexiest celebrities with beards are David Beckham (43.2%), Idris Elba (35.8%) and Tom Hardy (31.3%) according to the survey.

The survey also showed, the three celebrities with the worst beards were Joe Sugg (2.4%) Wayne Rooney (4.2%) and Steven Gerrard (4.5%).

Surprisingly, hunky model David Gandy (6.1%) and trendy sex icon Russell Brand (7.7%) both received a very low percentage from the British public.

Simon Bang, Co-founder of Copenhagen Grooming (CG) said: “Now is the perfect time to let your luscious beards grow and it’s amazing to see that nearly a third of men in the UK are currently growing a beard, so don’t stop guys.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in traffic to our website and social channels from the UK since the Coronavirus lockdown began and we have just launched a new social media campaign called #StayInGrowOut, encouraging men to grow out their beards in isolation whilst they freely can.

We’ve already seen some incredible beards. Let’s hope everyone keeps going with growing.”

Traditionally, there are some men who aren’t able to grow their beard out due to work, or others who have just been too scared to take the plunge.

With the current lockdown, British men have the opportunity to get through the awkward patchy phase without relentless teasing and decide whether they love their beard gains.

Surprisingly, almost a fifth (19.5%) of Brits believe that beards should be washed multiple times throughout the day. Simon Bang commented: “We were surprised to see many people believing that beards need to be washed this often.

To ensure your beard and the skin underneath is hydrated and looked after correctly, our recommendation is to wash your beard as often as you deem necessary, however, usually 2-3 times a week will suffice, using a beard wash designed to remove filth and dirt while leaving your beard’s natural oils intact.

“We originally started CG as a core team of three people in Barcelona and one person in Denmark, built on the belief that we’re stronger together.

Our mission is to design products that help men grow and groom awesome beards, so with this in mind, we have just launched 8AM Splash, a new mild beard wash with natural active ingredients that will leave your facial fuzz in perfect balance.”

This research was conducted by Copenhagen Grooming

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