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The Secret To Losing lbs and Not £££ In 2020

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Just because you can’t afford that gym membership, it doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness suffer.

Feel Good Contacts has teamed up with Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Badrul Islam to help you to get fit on a budget.

If it’s miserable outside, then there are plenty of ways to exercise at home. 

Avoid sitting down for too long by doing some household chores to keep active.  

Put the music on and grab a can of baked beans for some bicep curls. If this weight is too light then move onto big bottles of water, a bag of rice or even paint tins or bricks from the garden shed.

You can also use your bodyweight – try some tricep dips or standing push-ups on a sturdy sofa. To increase your heart rate, run up and down the stairs.

Don’t forget a core workout, this can include planks, leg raises and sit-ups. 

On your first session start with light weights and aim to do 3 sets of each exercise with 12 reps.  As the sessions progress, gradually increase your reps. 

Remember not to hold your breath when you’re exercising and keep a bottle of water handy.

If you need some inspiration, then you’ll find some good trainers on Instagram. They will regularly post photos and videos of their workouts. 

You can also try YouTube where you will find thousands of free fitness videos to work out to. 

Whatever you feel like doing, from Pilates to body combat to a core workout, you’ll find it on the channel.

If you can manage to brave the weather, then go to your local park. 

Many have communal gym equipment and you’ll often find monkey bars in the children’s playground where you can work on your pull-ups.

You could also try a power walk or run.  It’s completely free and you can go whenever it suits you. If you’re new to running, then download the NHS’s Couch to 5K app podcast. 

It will ease you in gently. Once you’re feeling confident you can sign up for your local park run (also free) and join your local running clubs (also free). 

If you don’t like running, then try cycling it’s a good fat burner.  If you don’t have a bike, then borrow one from a friend.

Don’t dismiss going to the gym just because you’re broke. Lucky for us, gyms will be fighting for our business in January. Have a look around for free seven-day class passes and trial memberships. 

If your friends join a gym, then find out if they are entitled to a free guest pass.

Finally, don’t forget about your diet.  Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Bulk buying meats, fruit and vegetables will save on grocery bills. If you have the time, prepare food and batch- cook healthy well-portioned meals that you can freeze or refrigerate.

You will then be able to regulate your nutrition which will improve your overall health.

To avoid getting bored and tempted by unhealthy options, prepare a wide variety of healthy food to keep yourself interested.

Nimesh Shah Marketing Director at Feel Good Contacts commented: “Research shows that doing exercise can boost our mental and physical health so it’s very important to keep up the exercise routine in January, even when you don’t have too much spare cash lying around.”

Badrul Islam concluded: “A lot of people associate exercise with having to have access to expensive equipment.  But there are so many ways you can work up a sweat without working up the credit card debt.

Even the laziest of people can start to burn off the calories by making a few simple changes to their everyday routine. 

Walk to your local shops for your weekly groceries instead of buying online and use a basket instead of a trolley to work those biceps and core.

Change the side you’re carrying the basket on if you only need one, or hold two baskets at one time which will balance the weight.

Both methods will work like the farmer’s walk exercise.  Cycle or walk everywhere but if this isn’t possible then get off the bus one stop before your destination. 

Finally, always use the stairs instead of the lift – every little bits count to a new and healthier you.”

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