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Sebastian Coe Welcomes Perfect Stage For The World’s Best Athletes To Shine At WCH Budapest 23

Lord Sebastian Coe races against youngsters

In a breathtaking display of anticipation and athletic prowess, World Athletics President Sebastian Coe, alongside a dynamic group of local athletes, blazed a trail across the hallowed grounds of Budapest’s illustrious National Athletics Centre.

This monumental event marked the inaugural lap on the super-fast Mondo track, which will serve as the sacred battleground for the upcoming World Athletics Championships in August.

Coe, a revered figure in the realm of athletics, radiated enthusiasm as he proclaimed, “With the introduction of the super-fast Mondo track at the National Athletics Centre, the stage is set for exhilarating battles and the creation of sporting history during the highly anticipated World Athletics Championships in Budapest.”

The journey leading up to this momentous occasion has been rife with electrifying highs and heart-stopping lows, as evidenced by the scintillating clashes witnessed at the Wanda Diamond League and the Continental Tour. The competition has left fans breathless, yearning for more.

The imminent finals, eagerly awaited by aficionados worldwide, have been meticulously scheduled throughout the Championships, starting from the very first day on Saturday, August 19.

Athletes from across the globe are primed and determined to seize their chance at glory, with their eyes fixed on coveted medals and the possibility of shattering records.

However, for the Hungarian athletes, a fervent home crowd becomes an indispensable source of inspiration, elevating their performances to unprecedented heights.

On the opening day, fans will be treated to the captivating spectacle of the men’s shot put, which serves as the inaugural final within the stadium.

The likes of defending champion Ryan Crouser from the United States, who recently broke the world record, will engage in a captivating duel with two-time world champion Joe Kovacs. While Kovacs may wear the American vest, his ancestral ties to Hungary run deep, hailing from the village of Szentpéterfa.

For those seeking an exhilarating weekend witnessing the sheer strength and power of the world’s mightiest athletes, Sunday, August 20, promises to be an absolute spectacle with the men’s hammer throw taking centre stage.

President Coe acknowledged the rich national tradition that Hungary holds in this event, proudly stating, “I don’t need to tell the people of Hungary that there is a huge national tradition in this event.

Five of Hungary’s 10 Olympic athletics gold medals have been earned in the hammer throw.” The home crowd will rally behind their very own Bence Halász, who clinched the European Athletics silver medal in Munich last year and secured bronze at the World Championships in Doha in 2019. Halász, fueled by the unwavering support of his compatriots, will strive for nothing less than extraordinary feats.

The National Athletics Centre in Budapest, a state-of-the-art facility purposefully crafted for this grand occasion, stands poised to become the unrivalled bastion of athletics in Central Europe. Budapest, a city pulsating with anticipation, eagerly awaits the arrival of athletes from more than 200 countries.

For the passionate fans of the region, this represents an unparalleled opportunity to witness the world’s finest athletes competing in their own backyard.

President Coe passionately implored, “My message to all of you is simple: Don’t miss out. Secure your place in history now by booking your tickets and joining us in Budapest.”

This historic moment signifies a watershed event, as it marks the first time in the illustrious 40-year history of the World Athletics Championships that a Central European nation has been bestowed the honour of hosting the world’s third-largest sporting extravaganza.

The level of interest and enthusiasm generated thus far has been nothing short of extraordinary. With over 190,000 tickets already sold, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch, fueled by the knowledge that the World Championships will be broadcast to an estimated one billion viewers worldwide. Hungary stands poised to reap immeasurable value and pride from this monumental sporting spectacle.

Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Minister of Defense and the key figure responsible for the Sport and the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 organization, passionately conveyed his belief in the event’s transformative power.

Encouraging fellow sports enthusiasts to partake in this monumental occasion, he exclaimed, “Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of Hungarian athletes. Cheer them on throughout the thrilling opening weekend and revel in their potential to grace the podium.”

In a bid to engage and include the wider community, the National Athletics Centre will be open to the public on Saturday, June 17, allowing everyone to experience the very track that witnessed Sebastian Coe’s historic inaugural lap.

This family opening day offers a chance for participants to revel in the exhilaration of the track, engaging in races and other activities free of charge.

Moreover, this auspicious occasion presents a unique opportunity to secure tickets for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest from August 19 to 27 at an exclusive 50% discount.

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